Naim Audio XPS/XPS2 upgrade Power Supply Unit with high quality linear regulator boards

Please note that as well as this CHC-XPS, we can now also offer the CHC-555PS, a direct upgrade for the Naim Audio 555PS. Designed for the CD555 or the NDS streamer, the CHC-555PS can also power any equipment that uses an XPS-type PSU. The CHC-555PS is available with or without Burndy cables as required, and also available with our Mundorf reservoir capacitor upgrade. We are accepting orders for this unit now!

CHC-XPS builds now come with the Mundorf capacitor upgrade fitted as standard. This can also be retrofitted to your existing CHC-XPS if you own one of the older units. providing a significant improvement over the standard capacitor arrays.

The CHC-XPS now uses Version 2.0 of our CHC-REG modules, and also uses an upgraded transformer (upgraded again as of August 2015!) with 2 separate additional internal shielding systems - with an absolute minimum of audible mains hum.

The new version of the CHC-XPS uses a full-width case with a solid 10mm thick anodised aluminium front panel, and a new internally suspended chassis to reduce the effects of resonance. It also includes several upgraded components on the regulator modules for improved performance.

The CHC-XPS uses a technologically and sonically superior circuit design to surpass the performance of Naim's own XPS and XPS2 PSU at a fraction of the cost! The CHC-XPS uses a clever circuit layout to isolate the different internal voltage regulators from each other as much as possible, which means that the delicate analogue supply rails are not contaminated with electrical noise from the motor drive supply rails, for example. This translates into a cleaner power supply to all parts of the Naim equipment you are powering, and as a result you get a cleaner and purer sound.


We use nothing but the best components in our CHC-XPS. We use a custom-specified and custom-made audio grade toroidal transformer with electrical and magnetic shielding layers built into it, high-speed Schottky rectifiers, large Nichicon KG reservoir capacitors and a modified version of our DC2 regulator modules. Housed in a smart brushed black case (with thick aluminium front, rear and side panels) and a simple central 'Naim green' LED, it is a perfect match for all Naim Audio equipment, old and new. The case measures 450mm wide, 280mm deep and around 95mm high including feet - the 10mm thick solid aluminium front panel is the widest part, with the main case body being 440mm wide.

The CHC-XPS price includes our Black Burndy cable, to connect it to all manner of Naim equipment (also available for purchase separately). The CHC-XPS can power the Naim Audio CDX, CDX2, CDX2.2, CDS2, CDS3, DAC, HDX, NDS, NDX, NDX2, NAC-N272 and ND5XS. If you are an NDS user, then we can recommend that you purchase the CHC-555PS instead in order to make the most of your NDS. The CHC-555PS can also be considered to be an upgrade over the CHC-XPS for any other Naim equipment as well, in fact.


To power these units, we recommend the use of our PowerBlack IEC cable; ideally, a Naim Audio system should be powered with a star-Earth mains sytem, as recommended by  Naim themselves in fact, such as our PowerBlack Distribution Block or our PowerBlack Hydra. An IEC cable is not supplied with the CHC-XPS as standard, but we do offer a wide range of cables to suit any installation anywhere in the world. The CHC-XPS comes with a 1.0m long Black Burndy cable as standard - we can make this longer on request, but we do not normally make shorter ones as PSUs should be kept a good distance away from the equipment they are powering.


This product comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with it (terms and conditions apply)

£3300 including VAT

XPS equivalent, includes 1m Burndy cable as standard


Longer Burndy cable:

add £30 per 10cm




Customer Testimonials


"Well, you've done it yet again. The CHC-XPS is truly amazing, I was shocked by the improvement that it made to the CDX, which I thought sounded pretty good on its own before trying the CHC-XPS - now it just sounds crude and flat without it.  I'm really happy with it (it looks flipping great too!), thank you so much for building it for me - i'll be sure to buy more of your stuff in the future when funds allow!"

Greg (UK)

"My system is made up of a Furutech Wall Socket, Copland CTA 305 (Pre-amplifier), Quad 606 (Power amplifier), Naim DAC, Sources (Oppo BDP-83 and Mac Mini). My Naim DAC is connected to my pre through Custom HiFi Cables' audio interconnect Blue DIN-RCA, and all the above components are plugged into Custom HiFi Cables' PowerBlack Distribution Block.

My system, as it is, is already quite revealing, detailed and controlled. With the addition of Custom HiFi Cables' XPS to my Naim DAC I wasn't expecting a world of a difference... Man, I was afraid I wouldn't find them, but they are there... The best way to describe what the CHC-XPS brought to my system, is to tell you it gave a little bit more of everything good I already had. It gave more detail, more depth, more stage/spatiality, more resolution, I 'm now listening to the "hidden music" inside the songs. Basically, the whole sound became fuller/richer. Both the instruments and voices now sound more real than ever. I think the voices, the instruments, the separation, the "hidden sounds", it all became even more detailled (on the resolution side of things). I'm listening to it right now, on low volume levels, and I feel lke it's "all there".

If you told me I had to live without the CHC-XPS, I wouldn't tell you I couldn't do it, but I know I'd lose that final edge we're all looking for in the high-end audio business. So, congratulations Custom HiFi Cables, you've made another great piece of equipment that significantly improved my system."

Citro (Portugal)

"I've been playing CD's flat out all weekend so far and have to admit the improvement to my CDX-2.2 in every respect is pretty dramatic. It's the peaches and cream scenario, one just doesn't go without the other once experienced.

I'm getting a better sound stage, tighter deeper and more defined bass and a lot more detail in the mid and upper ranges to the point where I'm hearing things on very familiar pieces of music that I haven't noticed before (and my Audio Physic Virgo's are an extremely detailed speaker to begin with).

Additional, the XPS has added a warmth to the sound of CD and this is obvious where there are albums I have on vinyl that I never play on CD (although I have them) due to the fact that they just sound better on vinyl. 

I listened to the CD equivalents as a tester and found it very hard to tell them apart. There are still areas of vinyl sound reproduction that I don't think CD will ever replace but damn, the CDX2/XPS combo comes close!

Thanks again, I'm very happy to have been one of the first to receive and use your CHC-XPS PSU and reckon you have a loyal customer who is looking forward to further developments on more Naim PSU's and other products."

Andrew (Australia)

"I am really delighted with the CHC-XPS.  I am happy that I took this one and not an old olive series XPS for even more money. The case looks really great beneath my CDX2 and NAC 202. Inside the CHC-XPS looks very good too. I can only say this is a very professional work. I hope I find the right words to tell something about the sound. The music has more details, it's more clear, with more deepness and more room. The voices and instruments are more realistic, just like it's live in my room. With the CDX alone the music sometimes was in the high frequencies very harsh and nervous. With the CHC-XPS I can hear all songs  and they all sound perfect. Last night I was at a Peter Gabriel concert. Next day I heard the music at home and it was the same emotional feeling. The result is that I must now sell my Flatcap and order a CHC-CAP with an NAPSC module from you! And last I must thank you for the very friendly and patient communication, in more than 10 e-mails."

Robert (Germany)

"I have purchased several of your products now...Starting with your CHC-XPS power supply, you brought it down to my house and connected it up to my naim ND5 XS and it sounded fantastic from day one, but it is also getting better and better over time. I had you take away my Naim Audio Flatcap XS to be modified, and you also made me up a Solid Silver DIN interconnect and a PowerBlack Distribution Block, and wow its sounded superb each time we put one of your products on and as they bed in are sounding better and better. I would like to say a big thank you for saving me a lot of money. so anybody thinking of buying any of your products to buy them in my opinion they wont regret it, everything sounds superb in my system even at low volume to loud, thanks a lot!"

Glyn (UK)

"This is just to say thank you to Sean for giving my treasured hifi system a new lease of life without spending a fortune. I have been into hifi for over 38 years, having played live music and seeing countless live performances, I know what a good system sounds like, the truth and nothing else matters,

My system is a Linn Sondek, Ekos, Trokia, Lingo, Superline, CHC Grey power cable links,  Hicap, Naim 282,CHC-SuperCAP, Naim JNDX, CHC-XPS, plus the CHC Blue interconnect 5 pin din, sonos, CHC digital coax into Naim DAC, Naim CDX2, NDS x2, Naim 135s, Spender A9s with Linn cable K400.

I had a loan of a Naim Supercap DR for 1 week and a Naim XPS DR and Hi Line from a good Naim dealer (sorry no names!) and I loved it, but didn't like the price. The only thing stopped me from parting with the cash was I couldn't understand it, it was so edgy at the top end and almost harsh, I tried countless experiments with cables, it drove me mad thinking about it.

I could not afford to part with all that cash so it was not worth it,

So I saw an Ebay ad for CHC PSUs which sounded a good deal, so I drove to Leeds and Sean loaned me two PSUs which just blew me away, I could not believe how much better they were. Not just I bit, a massive difference compared to the Naim DR PSUs. It lost all the harshness, it's more rich in tonal quality and the sheer guts is incredible. And detail is the truth with Linn and the NDX. Even the Sonos sounded good with Napster!

I didn't understand how a power supply could make all that difference but it does. Naim is great gear but the PSUs are too expensive and don't deliver the goods like these do!

So I bought CHC-SuperCAP, CHC-XPS, CHC Blue 5 pin din (which is better than Naim's Hi Line) and a coax digital link for the Sonos into the DAC side of the Naim NDX, and a custom Burndy link from the Superline to Hicap. I am thinking about adding another CHC-Supercap for the Superline in the future now"

Mikk (UK)

Further Information


We have developed with our own in-house design for an extremely low noise power regulator circuit board, which has been met with rave reviews from all our customers and beta testers. Our high-quality mains transformers are always specified far above the required power rating which ensures that they run cool, extending their lifespan and also meaning that they are much more capable of supplying large rushes of current when required, giving your music a much more open and expressive sound to it. This is all mounted inside an attractive case, with a power indicator LED fitted as standard - you can even choose the colour of the LED if you want.


The rear panel of the power supply has a high quality IEC inlet with integrated power switch and fuse holder, and also the all-important Burndy socket. We use the same Burndy plugs and sockets that Naim uses, not a cheap plasticy type of connector, so you know that everything will be fully compatible with your Naim equipment. The CHC-XPS is supplied with a 1m Burndy cable, and if you would like a good quality IEC cable to power it we can highly recommend our PowerBlack or Solid Silver range of IEC cables.