PowerBlack IEC

MK Toughplug to silver-plated Blue IEC, with ferrite core

The PowerBlack IEC cable is one of our best selling products. Use it to dramatically upgrade the performance of CD players, amplifiers, TVs or any other piece of hi-fi or home cinema equipment with an IEC inlet, for a fraction of the price of an equipment upgrade or one of our competitors cables. Music will suddenly sound clearer with a better sense of timing and rhythm, instruments will sound better defined, vocals will sound eerily lifelike and the bass will tighten up and sound better defined. Just see our customer testimonials, as with all our other testimonials they speak for themselves!


On the PowerBlack IEC cable, we use an MK Toughplug with ultrasonically cleaned and hand-polished brass pins and our premium audiophile Blue IEC connector as standard, which has heavily plated silver contacts. The contacts themselves are well sprung, which ensures that a good positive connection is made with the IEC inlet even after many insertion and removal cycles, reducing contact resistance.


This product comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with it (terms and conditions apply).


£210 including VAT

1.0m cable




Longer cable:

add £90 per metre

(or £45 per 50cm)


Silver-plated MK Toughplug:

add £18


European 'Schuko' silver plated plug:  

add £12

US silver plated plug:

add £12

Australian silver plated plug:

add £12


European 'Schuko' plug:



Schurter Male IEC, brass (replaces UK mains plug):



Straight or right-angled Schurter Female IEC, brass (replaces Blue IEC):



Customer Testimonials


I was the ultimate power cable sceptic when I bought your cable. I honestly thought it would do nothing at all and any perceived change in sound would just be a placebo effect. I could not have been more wrong. In fact I have heard far less dramatic changes from swapping out interconnects and tubes! The top end is smoother, the midrange now has even less grain and honkiness than it had before (and it was already pretty good in those respects), plus there is a "blacker" background than before. I am now hearing new, subtle details in recordings I thought I knew well for years. Amazing. My advice to anyone who has not bought one of these is to buy one first before purchasing any interconnect, speaker cable or tube upgrades. The change in sound from these power cables is so significant that it overwhelms the effects of any other "standard" accessory upgrade I have ever made.

Jon (Australia)


I received the PowerBlack IEC cable yesterday and have had time to listen to it in my system - a reasonably high end one using Martin Logan Electrostatics and Electrocompaniet amplification. Very impressive - easily as good as the R*** A****** and I***** cables I own at less than a third of the cost.

Rob (UK)


Just to let you know that 4 of my friends were at my place and that I

asked them to view my TV as I tried 3 different cables 1...original

tv cable  2..... R*** A****** Powerkord (not the Wattgate) 3....your PowerBlack IEC cable. The verdict was that yours was the preferred cable, the colour improvements are noticeable especially the red, blue and green. It was so good overall that they thought they were watching HD when in fact it was the freeview on the TV only!


Colin (UK)


I have just received the cables, no problem with the shipping and it was very well packed. They sound very good in my system; bass is incredibly tight, everything seems more "stable", localized... No added blur either, and no harshness. Overall, I am very satisfied with the results and think the cables are great value for money. Thank you.

Florent (Luxembourg)


I was previously using the free cable that came with my TV... after installing your PowerBlack IEC cable I've got a crisp, deeper picture - it's amazing. It's a high quality 400hz TV so now it's able to perform as intended. Superb beefy cable for the price too - a lot of the more expensive cables I considered still looked weedy, the laws of physics alone imply that they can't be as good!


So thanks very much - when I can afford it I'll be back for some more - there's plenty of kit left to upgrade!


Phil (UK)


Further Information


Every PowerBlack cable has a double shield arrangement of a dense tinned copper braid and a dielectric layer in order to give excellent electrical shielding characteristics, and comes fitted with a ferrite core as standard in order to suppress any high-frequency interference that is already present in your mains supply. These ferrites are an extremely effective upgrade, and are also available for purchase separately in our DIY Parts section, along with our silver-plated Blue IEC connector. 


As an alternative to the silver-plated Blue IEC, we are also able to fit a brass-contact Schurter IEC connector upon request, either straight or right-angled. This is useful for an IEC inlet that has limited space around it, such as on some projectors and TVs where our Blue IEC will not fit properly. For reference, the Blue IEC is a cylinder measuring 36mm in diameter, and the Schurter IEC measures 29mm wide by 21mm high. If the socket on your equipment is not big enough (especially on some TVs) then the Schurter will not fit. We can also offer a slim brass IEC made by Bulgin at the same price as the Sschurter, which measures just 26mm wide by 17mm high. For reference, the right angled Schurter requires a depth behind the equipment of just 33mm, once plugged in. If in doubt about any connector and its suitability, just email us and we can provide advice.


PowerBlack IEC cables are available in any length, with a wide choice of mains plugs. We fit an MK Toughplug with ultrasonically cleaned and hand-polished brass pins as standard, but can also fit mains plugs for Europe (Schuko type), Australia and the US, as well as male IEC connectors if you need an IEC-IEC cable. In addition, we hold several silver-plated versions of these plug types in stock, so please ask if you have a specific request.