The Orange 'Type B' Speaker Cable

32 shielded 23AWG solid OFC cores, made to length and terminated to order

The Orange 'Type B' speaker cable, like its predecessor the (now-obsolete) Type A, is not exactly inconspicuous, in either its physical presence or the presence that it brings to your music! The cable is made up from several outer cores of orange-sheathed strands of 23AWG OFC wire. There are 32 strands of this 23AWG wire in each of the speaker cable pairs, giving it an extremely low overall resistance. Each stereo pair of cables is supplied as four separate wires - L+, L-, R+ and R-. The twin-parallel configuration gives this cable an extremely low capacitance, making it ideal for low-power amps and Naim Audio amps, and also gives a crisper bass response than the Type A. In listening tests, it has been found by some to perform as well as other speaker cables costing far more per metre - and we invite you to do the same! The basslines are delivered with a keen sense of timing and are never slack or bloated, and the midrange and treble is expressive and open. 


The Orange Type B speaker cable is available with either gold-plated banana plugs or gold-plated spade connectors. Simply tell us what you would like at each end and we will silver-solder the connectors on for you - this is included in the pricing of the cables, and preparing the cable ends actually makes up the majority of the assembly process - this cable is not sold "off the reel" as unterminated cable, it can only be supplied as a finished cable set. Either connector type is available at no extra charge. We can also obtain more specialist connector types if required, and we can make biwired cable sets.

£270 including VAT

1.0m stereo pair, terminated to order


Longer cable:

add £45 per mono metre

Customer Testimonials

I've just hooked them up...the cables are already lovely and rich, not over-bright just deeply detailled. Bass is firmer, voices are more lifelike, and that's just with stuff off iTunes. Thanks Custom HiFi Cables, lovely stuff worth twice the price and then some... scrub that, they're worth five times what you charge! ...The speaker cables have been left running for 20 hours now. It's not music, it's MUSIC! It's all in the details. In fact, it's ALL MUSIC, EVERY detail is pure music! Piano, voice, bass, all strings, truth be told it's so good that I just keep having to stop what i'm doing and listen to it. Big smiles all round here, thanks Custom HiFi Cables! Potential clients should take note and buy soon before they're too busy supplying other happy customers! ..Why is it called the sound stage? Because with these cables, you're not on your sofa, you're actually on stage with the band!

Keith (UK)

Further Information

The Orange 'Type B' speaker cable uses a twin-parallel configuration of thirty-two OFC solid copper cores, which are all shielded using a series of foil tapes and outer braids of tinned copper. These cores are bound into two pairs of cables, which are each covered in a bright orange insulation which gives the cable its name. These cores are then covered with two lengths of black overbraid jacket for mechanical support and damping, which leaves the inner orange cores semi-visible. The terminations are made up with either gold-plated banana plugs or gold-plated spade connectors, as per your requirements, at no extra charge.


Type B capacitance is typically 30 to 60pF/metre, depending on how close the two cores are laid to each other (in most installations it is typically 40pF, with the cores hanging/laying casually side by side with an average gap of 3 or 4cm) and inductance is typically 1.13uH/metre