Solid Silver Range

Our reference series of mains cable, the Solid Silver range, uses a certified 99.99% pure solid silver strand to provide the ultimate power path. Each cable is shielded not once, not twice, but THREE TIMES, using a new copper braid of extremely high weave density (even greater than our already-excellent PowerBlack cable). We also use our unique Clean Earth cable system to ensure that the current-carrying conductors are not polluted with stray noise that is returned through the Earth core from grounded metal cases, shielding in other cables etc. We don't buy the mains cable in on reels - each cable has to be hand-made in our workshop, as this is a very specialist cable and is strictly built to meet each individual customer's requirements.

We make the cable in three types - with Live and Neutral conductor areas of 1.70 and 2.55 These cable sizes are both rated to a full 13 Amps, and are suitable for all equipment. The larger cable size is designed specifically for integrated and power amplifiers, and can provide extremely large currents upon demand. The larger the cable used, the lower the cable resistance and the greater its ability to provide power more effortlessly - using the middle or the largest cable size on a low power item like a CD player will enhance its sonic performance even further.