DIY Parts

DIY modules/kits (all prices include VAT)

CHC-REG Hicap regulator module: £180 each

These are completed modules with heatsinks that are are a direct replacement for any Naim Hicap regulator module - they bolt into the Hicap case using the same mounting holes that the Naim modules use, so there's no extra holes to drill. Each one is supplied with mounting bolts and heatsink paste. Six wires need to be de-soldered from the existing Hicap board and re-soldered onto the new CHC board (these solder connections are in the exact same positions and layout as the Naim regulator boards, so it's easy to do), and the output voltages are pre-set to a fixed +24V for full Naim compatibility. A simple upgrade for people with basic soldering and DIY skills, yet a massive improvement in performance! Module is shown below - fully assembled and tested. Comes supplied with nice new mounting bolts and a small packet of heatsink paste for installation.

HA10 Headphone Amplifier kit: £150 each

The HA10 Headphone Amplifier is an extremely capable unit, comprised of a hybrid valve input stage with a class A solid-state output stage. It can drive any conventional headphones (not electrostatics) with ease due to the high bias current of the class A stage, with that wonderfully smooth valve signature to the sound. Bass is strong and precise, treble is beautifully smooth yet also detailed, and at the kit price it is absolutely unbeatable on value. The kit is actually a half-way house between the ready-built HA10 and the HA10SE (further-upgraded parts can be supplied with the kit on request).

This is a DIY kit, supplied as a blank PCB and a kit of components. You will need to solder this yourself, and drill appropriate holes in the case according to the instructions. The kit includes all of the parts you will need - a case (black or silver), all input/output sockets, a brand new JJ valve, even the volume knob and valve guard cage. A genuine Alps Blue Velvet volume potentiometer is also included (not shown in photo). I have a limited supply of these kits for now, but if demand is adequate then I can supply extra kits. I’ve also written a comprehensive PDF build manual for the kit, which also covers information on the casework and how to calibrate the amp (two simple multimeter measurements). I can send copies of the build manual to anyone interested in the kit, just to look at – no obligation to buy the kit. The case and volume knob are available in silver or black, please give your preference when ordering. No problem to mix and match the colours either.

I am also willing to sell the bare PCBs on their own (PDF build manual is also still included with it of course), at a cost of £25 each

CHC-RC Passive preamplifier kit (input selection & motorised volume): £75 each

The CHC-RC kit allows you to build a standalone passive preamplifier with full control of input selection or volume, either by remote control or by the controls on the front of the unit. Up to 6 inputs are supported, as well as output to drive a motorised volume pot (Alps Blue Velvet or TKD pots are both suitable high-quality options).

ONLY ONE KIT REMAINING - this is a pre-assembled circuit board with all components soldered in place and already tested. You need to take care of casework, wiring up the sockets and buttons etc, but this is a simple way of building a superb preamp for yourself.

As with the HA10 headphone amplifier project, the build manual PDF is supplied with the kit and it is also available for free if you'd like to read it before deciding to purchase a kit.

We do also have one completely built passive preamplifier in a black case, fully finished and fully working, this is also available for sale (see photos below).

Shown below is a completed CHC-RC kit in a Hammond case (£28, JPR) with silver volume knob (£3, CPC), using an external linear 9VAC PSU (£10, Ebay). This is the same as our "special order" PP20R passive preamplifier (now discontinued). All holes in the case are simple circular drilled holes, there are no awkward square holes to cut etc. This particular preamp in the photo is also now for sale, if interested please just email us.

Mains Cable/Connectors/Accessories

Silver plated Blue IECs (see below): £24 each "A superb product. Better than Wattgate!" Stuart (UK)

Ferrite cores, for clipping onto cables of up to 11mm diameter (smaller cables will need a few turns of electrical tape to allow the ferrite to be clipped on securely): £4 each