Naim Audio 555PS upgrade Power Supply Unit with high quality linear regulator boards

PRODUCT NOTE - the CHC-555PS is FULLY COMPATIBLE with the brand new Naim Audio NDX2 and ND555 streamers.

This is it - our new reference level PSU that can upgrade your Naim Audio equipment far beyond what you could only dream of! This PSU is built to an incredibly high specification, and it performs like no other PSU. From the custom-made transformer, with its many separate outputs and its two separate shielding systems, to the latest versions of our CHC-REG regulator modules, it is designed with only the ultimate performance in mind.

CHC-555PS builds now come with the Mundorf capacitor upgrade fitted as standard.These are the finest audiophile quality capacitors that we have ever used, when fitted to the entire reservoir capacitor array they provide a significant improvement over the old standard Gold Tune capacitor arrays.

The CHC-555PS uses a full-width case with a solid 10mm thick anodised aluminium front panel, and an internally suspended chassis to reduce the effects of resonance. It also includes several upgraded components on the regulator modules for improved performance. Several design aspects were taken from lessons learned when developing the CHC-XPS over the last few years, this was combined with the results from new research and testing of the various 555 prototypes and it's resulted in the finest PSU we have ever built to date.

The CHC-555PS uses a technologically and sonically superior circuit design to surpass the performance of any other manufacturer's PSU at a fraction of the cost! The CHC-555PS uses a clever circuit layout to isolate the different internal voltage regulators from each other as much as possible, which means that the delicate analogue supply rails are not contaminated with electrical noise from the motor drive supply rails, for example. This translates into a cleaner power supply to all parts of the Naim equipment you are powering, and as a result you get a cleaner and purer sound.


We use nothing but the best components in our CHC-555PS. We use a custom-specified and custom-made audio grade toroidal transformer with electrical and magnetic shielding layers built into it, high-speed Schottky rectifiers, large Nichicon Gold Tune reservoir capacitors and our latest-spec CHC-REG regulator modules. Housed in a smart brushed black case (with thick aluminium front, rear and side panels) and a simple central 'Naim green' LED, it is a perfect match for all Naim Audio equipment, old and new. The case measures 450mm wide, 280mm deep and around 95mm high including feet - the 10mm thick solid aluminium front panel is the widest part, with the main case body being 440mm wide.

The CHC-555PS price includes a 1m long Black Burndy cable, this is an "XPS type" cable - in other words, it makes the CHC555PS fully compatible with any Naim Audio equipment that can be powered by an XPS PSU. Most of our clients will use the CHC-555PS in this manner, so this is the standard cable supplied - but we can also supply a pair of 555 Burndy cables, to allow it to be used with a CD555 or an NDS.

The standard XPS-type Burndy allows the CHC-555PS to power the following Naim Audio equipment: CDX, CDX2, CDX2.2, CDS2, CDS3, DAC, HDX, NDS*, NDX, NDX2, NAC-N272 and ND5XS.

The upgrade 555-type Burndy pair allows the CHC-555PS to power the following Naim Audio equipment: NDS, CD555, ND555


To power these units, we recommend the use of our PowerBlack IEC cable; ideally, a Naim Audio system should be powered with a star-Earth mains sytem, as recommended by  Naim themselves in fact, such as our PowerBlack Distribution Block or our PowerBlack Hydra. An IEC cable is not supplied with the CHC-555PS as standard, but we do offer a wide range of cables to suit any installation anywhere in the world. The CHC-555PS comes with a 1.0m long Black Burndy XPS-type cable as standard - we can make this longer on request, but we do not normally make shorter ones as PSUs should be kept a good distance away from the equipment they are powering.


This product comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with it (terms and conditions apply)

£3900 including VAT

555PS equivalent PSU, includes 1m Burndy cable


Longer Burndy cable:

add £30 per 10cm

Upgrade standard Burndy

to CD555 or NDS Burndy set:

add £360



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We have developed with our own in-house design for an extremely low noise power regulator circuit board, which has been met with rave reviews from all our customers and beta testers. Our high-quality mains transformers are always specified far above the required power rating which ensures that they run cool, extending their lifespan and also meaning that they are much more capable of supplying large rushes of current when required, giving your music a much more open and expressive sound to it. This is all mounted inside an attractive case, with a power indicator LED fitted as standard - you can even choose the colour of the LED if you want.


The rear panel of the power supply has a high quality IEC inlet with integrated power switch and fuse holder, and also the all-important Burndy sockets. We use the same Burndy plugs and sockets that Naim uses, not a cheap plasticy type of connector, so you know that everything will be fully compatible with your Naim equipment. The CHC-555PS is supplied with a 1m Burndy cable to allow for connection to XPS-compatible equipment, and if you would like a good quality IEC cable to power it we can highly recommend our PowerBlack or Solid Silver range of IEC cables. We can also substitute the XPS-type Burndy cable for a pair of 555 Burndy cables for an extra cost, to use with the CD555, NDS or ND555.