The Blue Range

Formerly known as 'The Black' - the Blue range of cables use a rather special design of cable geometry. We start off with a pair of solid oxygen-free copper cores of a very high purity, and encase them in two separate cables, first with a thick dielectric layer, then with a copper foil shielding and finally with a second shielding layer of densely woven fine copper strands. The result is that both of our two inner conductors (ground and signal) each has its own dedicated double-shielding completely surrounding it. This arrangement is effectively a 'balanced' connection (i.e. the signal ground and outer shield are electrically separate), meaning that it is perfectly suited to balanced connections with XLR plugs. With unbalanced connections like RCAs or DIN plugs, we normally connect the outer shield to the signal ground at one end (this should be the end connected to the preamplifier, or integrated amp if not using a pre/power amp setup - this preserves a star grounding pattern, where all shields are connected back to one central point). However, some professional equipment requires the shield to be left separate from the signal ground in XLR-RCA cables - if in doubt consult your equipment manufacturer.

The Blue can be used with RCA plugs, DIN plugs, XLRs or jack plugs, or any combination of these. We regularly build DIN to 2 x RCA cables, or DIN to XLR cables - custom cables are our speciality! And of course, any length of cable is possible.

The Blue is one of our best selling cables, and it has earnt itself an amazing reputation - it has been said to be as good as cables from other manufacturers costing at least £250 by some of our customers! Just take a look at some of the comments left by customers for yourself. And it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, so what do you have to lose?