Naim Audio Hicap equivalent Power Supply Unit with high quality linear regulator boards

CHC-CAP builds now come with the Mundorf capacitor upgrade fitted as standard. This can also be retrofitted to your existing CHC-CAP if you own one of the older units. providing a significant improvement over the standard capacitor arrays.

The CHC-CAP now uses Version 2.0 of our CHC-REG modules - at no extra cost, hurrah! It also uses the same new style of case as the CHC-XPS and CHC-SuperCAP, but in a narrower format.

The CHC-CAP is a direct upgrade to the Naim Audio Hicap power supply - we use a technologically and sonically superior circuit design to surpass the performance of Naim's own PSU at a fraction of the cost! The CHC-CAP uses a massive audio-grade toroidal transformer (ten times the size of the one used in our DC1 PSU!), high-speed Schottky rectifiers, large Nichicon KG capacitors and a modified version of our DC2 regulator modules. Housed in a smart brushed black case (with thick aluminium front, rear and side panels) and a simple central 'Naim green' LED, it is a perfect match for all Naim Audio equipment, old and new. The case measures 240mm wide, 280mm deep and around 90mm high - the 10mm thick front panel is the widest part, with the main case body being 230mm wide.

The base level CHC-CAP will replace a single Naim Audio Hicap - but because of our modular circuit design, we can add in additional PSU modules to customise the unit to your requirements. We can offer two upgrade options: an additional CHC-CAP module, or a NAPSC module. You can choose either of these options, or even both of them, to replace two or three separate Naim PSU boxes. So for example, you can power a NAC82/282 with a dual CHC-CAP plus NAPSC module, instead of using two separate CHC-CAPs and our separate NAPSC module, which offers a really good saving to you. We use two 4 pin DIN sockets on the output of each CHC-CAP module, to give you the option of bi-amping - we can also fit extra 4 pin DIN sockets on special request.


To power these units, we recommend the use of our PowerBlack IEC cable; ideally, a Naim Audio system should be powered with a star-Earth mains sytem, as reommended by  Naim themselves in fact, such as our PowerBlack Distribution Block or our PowerBlack Hydra. An IEC cable is not supplied with the CHC-CAP as standard, but we do offer a wide range of cables to suit any installation anywhere in the world. The CHC-CAP comes with one 1.0m 5 pin 240 degree DIN cable - but upon request we can change this cable to a different DIN plug type, different length, or use one of our upgraded cable types for a small extra fee. If you are buying a CHC-CAP with an additional CHC-CAP module fitted, we supply two DIN cables instead of one - and if you buy the NAPSC module as well, we include a 1m NAPSC cable for free.


£1500 including VAT

Hicap equivalent PSU


Extra CHC-CAP module and DIN cable:

add £450

NAPSC module and NAPSC cable:

add £210



NOTE - picture below shows dual CHC-CAP with NAPSC module fitted as well

Customer Testimonials

Wow, how fast - yesterday the CHC-CAP safely arrived. I tested it yesterday evening for about one hour. And I can say after this short time that it's a wonderful upgrade for my NAC202. The whole music has more power and energy. The voices gets a certain warmth like if they were made by a tube device .That was something I missed a little bit in my system with the two Audionet MAX amps. The whole sound is more musical. Thank you very much for this great improvement. It's the first time that I think the sound of my system is perfect!

Robert (Germany)


The following is a review sent from a loyal client, who was one of the first people to buy a CHC-CAP:

Test Equipment:

Avid Diva II turntable with SME309 arm and Lyra Delos cartridge

Leema Elements phono stage

Naim NAC82 / NAPSC / NAP250 amplification

Dynaudio Contour 1.3 mk. II speakers

Chord Co. Odyssey 2 speaker cable

Custom Hifi Cables ‘Blue’ interconnects

Chord Co. Chorus interconnects

Custom Hifi Cables Black Box Super Conditioner

(mains cables are all standard IEC types)

Tested Against:

Naim Audio Hicap (Olive series, recently serviced)

Main Review:

First record up on the turntable is the third movement of Bruckner's 1st symphony (Jochum / DGG). The Naim Audio Hicap delivers a competent performance, but the underlying strings which come to the foreground from time to time sounded lost when not taking the lead. When the CHC-CAP is powering the NAC82 though, it becomes so much easier to track these strings as they move throughout the piece. There is also a slight change of tonality - whether you call it brighter, clearer or cleaner is a matter of opinion, but in this case there is little room for debate in describing it as a definite improvement.

Next up is the dies irae from Verdi's Requiem (Solti / Decca). With big percussion sounds and soaring vocals this needs both headroom and power. Again, (and benefitting most here from the big mains transformer), the CHC-CAP comes out in the lead, with the better atmosphere and sheer weight of performance.

Elgar's 'Cello Concerto (du Pre, Barbirolli / EMI) was the next recording used. Personally I find du Pre's playing a little on the reedy side, but the CHC-CAP makes this less objectionable than usual to my ears.

The opening duet from Beethoven's Fidelio (Klemperer / Columbia) is superbly sung, and while relatively simple is a good test of tonality. Both PSUs give plenty of detail, but the CHC-CAP again takes the lead here, and consolidates on its tonal balance where the voices are richer than when the Naim Hicap is in the system.

The last track used is Paint it Black (Rolling Stones / Decca, recent re-issue). With rough vocals, a good bass-line and sheer enthusiasm the first minute in particular presents a challenge to any system. Both PSUs avoid the usual trap at the start, and manage to make the cymbals sound like cymbals rather than indistinct fizzing noises. For pure foot-tapping enjoyment though, the CHC-CAP again comes out on top.

It can hardly be said that the Naim Hicap handles itself badly. However, the CHC-CAP packs enough punch to really stand up, and indeed by far surpass, the Naim Hicap.

If you're looking for yet more improvement, there is a very simple change that can be made to the wiring between pre and power amps. The standard Naim system routes the signal through the PSU, though this hardly seems logical. Instead, a cleaner, clearer sound is obtained by separating power and signal. In this case, one cable takes power from the PSU to the preamp, while another takes the signal only directly from preamp to power amp. Note that the second cable must be specially made to avoid supplying power to the preamp from both the power amp and PSU. CHC can of course provide this cable, and other cables for Naim systems in a range of cable types to suit any budget. I am already using their Blue range of DIN cables for Naim Audio equipment, which are a big improvement over the standard Naim cables.

Mark (UK)

NOTE - we do recommend the 'direct wiring' scheme as Mark describes... Just ask us for details!

I found very little by way of review of Custom HiFi Cables's power supplies, but I bought one anyway and thought I'd help others who are looking by sharing the experience. Sean's service is brilliant - very fast and educative responses to idiot-level questions, a totally customised PSU solution, and best of all great sound. Mine is a dual-power output to a 282. I could have had the NAPSC-style supply built-in to the box too but I already had one so didn't see the need. Sean also made up a cable to carry signal-only from the 282 to my 250 instead of power and signal. Seems like a good idea to me. I'm overjoyed with the results as a Naim newbie and saved several hundred quid. Sean makes up all the cables so you can have any length you want - also handy. Hope this is useful to anyone looking.

Ian (UK)

"Thanks for sending the dual CHC-CAP plus NAPSC, which was thoroughly well packaged, and fits in nicely with all the other Naim boxes. I am really happy with the sound and have been listening to my music contentedly all afternoon. I feel, certainly in comparison to the Naim equivalents, that what you have provided is terrific value. In terms of build quality and feel your unit complements the rest of the setup too. In short im very very happy - thank you!"

Sandip (UK)

Further Information


We have developed with our own in-house design for an extremely low noise power regulator circuit board, which has been met with rave reviews from our customers and beta testers. Our high-quality mains transformers are always specified far above the required power rating which ensures that they run cool, extending their lifespan and also meaning that they are much more capable of supplying large rushes of current when required, giving your music a much more open and expressive sound to it. This is all mounted inside an attractive case, with a power indicator LED fitted as standard - you can even choose the colour of the LED if you want.


We custom-build each power supply to suit your particular requirements - the CHC-CAP can do anything that the Naim Hicap can do (and more, with its superior internal circuitry), so in all circumstances just use the CHC-CAP in exactly the same way you would use a Naim Hicap.


The rear panel of the power supply has a high quality IEC inlet with integrated power switch and fuse holder, and also the output sockets - one 5 pin 240 degree DIN and two 4 pin DIN sockets per CHC-CAP module, and a 2 pole locking connector for the NAPSC module. We can fit extra sockets/sockets for specialised applications to special order.