PowerBlack Hydra


The PowerBlack Hydra is a multi-way mains cable system, which effectively replaces a 4-way extension socket and four regular mains cables. It also works out cheaper, although the separate cables cannot be unplugged by the user once they are soldered into place. It also allows star earthing to be implemented, which is when all four Earth cores of the cables are connected together at one single point. This minimised the potential difference between all the Earth planes in your system, reducing noise and improving system performance. If you want all of these benefits plus complete shielding of the hard-wired connections and mounted in an attractive aluminium case, with an optional built-in Super Conditioner module, then check out our hard-wired PowerBlack Distribution Block.

£550 including VAT

3 x 1.0m cables

£400 including VAT

2 x 1.0m cables


Longer cable:

add £50 per metre

(or £25 per 50cm)

Straight or right-angled Schurter Female IEC, brass (replaces silver-plated Blue IEC):


Silver-plated Figure-8 (C7) connector (replaces silver-plated Blue IEC):


Customer Testimonials

As promised, I am just getting back to you re. the PowerBlack Hydra, now that it has settled in. I must say I am very impressed indeed. It is actually better than the two C****** A**** Silver lines I was using to power my CD player and amp, turntable power supply and phono stage (these cables are over £150 each). I have sold these two cables now. Also, I have returned my R*** A****** X2 power block, as further auditioning made little difference, if any. The upshot is, with the PowerBlack Hydra straight into one wall socket, everything sounds fuller and more musical, with quieter background. It is a much neater solution than a tangle of separate cables coming from multiple sockets. Thanks for a brilliant product in every way!

John (UK)

My hat is off to you :-) Your cable has made my system sound amazing. Bass is deeper yet still controlled, vocals are clearer, everything is more open... money well spent :-)

Dan (UK)

I have a mainly Naim hifi system and was using a recently purchased DAC (plugged into the normal house ring circuit) and was quite pleased with the system sound. Then I installed the hydra and connected the tails to each Naim Audio power supply and switched on – WOW what a revelation, from the first seconds Simply sensational!

The sound has taken on a new uncanny dimension - wider soundstage, greater detail, impressive decay on strings and a breathiness that seems to only come with ultra expensive equipment. I feel as if everything has been upgraded all in one go - my 22 year old tuner has never sounded better.

The sound is organic, much more analogue like with digital sources, it is as if I added several Naim power lines albeit at a fraction of the cost.

Result = Much more music and greater involvement.

I have spent many hours this weekend with a big grin on my face – many thanks. I believe the ferrite cores work well to eliminate mains borne interference and clicks – are they readily available for clamping around other cables? [yes, they are – see our DIY Parts page]. As you can tell I am absolutely delighted with the hydra and wish you luck with future sales – please feel free to use my recommendation.

Joe (UK)

I purchased your PowerBlack Hydra Mains power cable to fit to my old but cherished system a Naim 72 Pre- amp + Hi-cap, Naim 250 power . Sources are Linn LP12 + Lingo power supply with a black Ittock fitted with a audio technical OC9 cartridge, a Meridian 200 transport with a 203 DAC a Sansui tuner and Naim IBL Speakers

I have enjoyed the sound of this system for years but when setting up a system in the Dining room, based around an Old Audiolab 8000A “rescued from the Loft” I got the upgrade bug.

Now what should it be, find a used but loved 52 Pre and Power supply around £3,500, upgrade the deck to the current version, £1,500, and then I thought I would start with the cables, there are times in your life when without knowing why, you do the right thing at the right time and this was one of them.

The audio improvements in the Clarity of voices and instruments, the depth of soundstage and the low level grunt that your Hydra Cable dragged kicking and screaming out of the system was amazing and all for under £150, I am now playing music from my collection that has not been out of a dust cover for years. Many thanks!

Ken (UK)

Further Information

The default Hydra configuration is for four 1.0m long cables, each terminated with a silver-plated Blue IEC, however each cable can be made longer or shorter if required by the customer, or different power connectors can be fitted. Every PowerBlack cable has a double shield arrangement of a dense tinned copper braid and a dielectric layer in order to give excellent electrical shielding characteristics, and the Hydra comes fitted with a set of four ferrite cores as standard in order to suppress any high-frequency interference that is already present in your mains supply.

Additionally, Hydras can be made with only 2 or 3 outputs upon request. We can also fit a brass Schurter IEC (straight or right-angled, useful for where the Blue IEC will not fit) or a silver-plated Figure-8 connector or different connector if required. Unfortunately, the Hydra is only available with a UK plug - it will work fine with a mains adaptor though, alternatively the 4-way version of our hard-wired PowerBlack Distribution Block can be fitted with any mains plug you may require.