DC4 / ARC6 DC4 psu for Chord DAVE DAC

ULTIMATE Level DC Power Supply, specifically built to power the Chord DAVE DAC (includes specialised umbilical cable)

This product page is specifically for the version of the DC4 for powering a Chord DAVE DAC - but we can build custom DC4 PSUs to suit many other devices, just email us for details.

NOW AVAILABLE TO ORDER - the ARC6 DC4 PSU! This is an upgraded version of the DC4 PSU, and involves replacing the standard rectifier-capacitor modules with our new and improved ARC6 modules. These use active rectification, over 198,000uF of reservoir capacitance (five times that of the old RECAP module) and a high-current choke to eliminate any residual noise before it feeds into the regulator modules. We also now offer upgrades of the DC wiring - the standard wire is 18AWG Neotech OCC wire, you can also have Mundorf's excellent silver-gold hybrid wire fitted in either 18AWG or 15AWG sizes. The 15AWG option allows for a lower supply impedance. We can make the umbilical cable for the DAVE any length desired, we do suggest a shorter cable is better for performance and there is no disadvantage to having the DAVE sat directly on top of the DC4 case.

You can read a review of the standard DC4 (used to power a Chord DAVE) at the link below:


The DC4 is our ultimate PSU, borne from over a decade of high-end audio PSU expertise. This is the true cost-no-object concept PSU that clients keep asking us for, and it is finally here!

The DC4 uses a larger case than the DC3, and the DAVE model is fitted with  3 output rails to fully power the Chord DAVE DAC. Note that we cannot combine other outputs for other devices into this case, it's a standalone dedicated DAVE PSU with no option of adding anything else.

We get a lot of emails asking about "double regulation". Please note that *ALL* of our PSU designs (including our Naim Audio PSU range) are effectively double regulated *AS STANDARD*. Our regulator module design actually delivers around 8-10 times less noise than if you had two single-regulated versions of our circuit in simple series. We gain little advantage in performance by connecting two of our double-regulated modules in series, and there are downsides of increased heat dissipation and extra space needed, hence we have never offered this as a mainline option. But if low noise is the most important factor, we can offer two regulator modules in series as a bespoke upgrade option.


Full width all-aluminium casework, 450mm wide by 290mm deep. Case height is approximately 155mm including the IsoAcoustics Gaia feet - this is a relatively tall unit, which is required in order to fit the custom transformer. 135mm height is an option if we fit our lower-profile feet, just ask.

IsoAcoustics Gaia feet are used to reduce chassis vibration from external sources. These are superb units that really improve the sound of equipment, if bought separately they are around 200 GBP for a set but we feel that the improvement that they make is well worth it at this level of equipment.

Furutech gold-plated IEC inlet for mains AC supply (as with all of our PSUs, an IEC cable is not supplied with the DC4), a rear panel mains power switch can also be included for convenience if desired at no additional cost.

Custom-made ultimate specification toroidal transformer (600VA for a DAVE DC4) with multiple shielding layers, fully enclosed in a stainless steel shell for additional shielding and noise suppression. Vibration isolation mounting system is used to eliminate chassis vibration which can affect the regulator circuitry. 

An all-new module design is used for the DC4 rectification and reservoir capacitor arrays. The new PCB is 2.4mm thick for additional rigidity and is gold-plated. Low-noise Schottky diodes are used for rectification, and the reservoir capacitors used are our usual Mundorf capacitors - twice the number of capacitors are fitted in comparison to the equivalent DC3 PSU. Additional noise filtering is provided by a new higher-spec set of parts than the DC3 design, with a lower impedance and higher current handling capability. The PCB uses vibration isolation mountings in order to isolate the components and the DC wiring loom from chassis vibration.

The entire DC wiring loom is made using Neotech OCC wiring with PTFE insulation - all expertly routed and bound with our usual high levels of attention to detail. A neatly bound cable loom reduces noise due to current loop areas as well, so it brings a sonic benefit as well as looking nice!

The DC4 regulator module also contains our new "CX" module - this acts to drastically reduce incoming DC noise from the reservoir capacitors, by factors of up to around 1,000 at low currents. The module has an approximate limit of 2A though, at which the noise reduction factor becomes close to 1, and so the DC4 regulator module has a link which allows the CX module to be manually bypassed if the output is supplying more than 2A of current. This link can be set at time of manufacture to your requirements, and can be changed by the user in the future as well (involves removing the top cover and moving some small link plugs). 

DC4 regulator modules can supply up to 5A continuous current as standard, unlike the DC3 design which required a separate boost module.

The DC4 regulator PCB, like the rectification/capacitor PCB, is also gold-plated, and the circuit layout is completely optimised for performance, low noise and low impedance. This is due in part to using different components that allow shorter circuit paths to be created, with lower parasitic inductances/capacitances.

The new DC4 regulator design uses the very best components - we use a full set of Vishay Z-foil "naked" resistors for the regulator section, and extremely low noise resistors for the (non-critical) CX section and for one filter network of the regulator itself. We also now use Vishay bulk film capacitors for all decoupling duties, as well as some very special Audio Note KAISEI capacitors for all the important regulator module capacitors. These are a relatively new capacitor, designed by the same team behind the legendary Black Gate capacitors. The CX module section uses the same Nichicon FG "Fine Gold" capacitors as the DC3 design, as we found that the KAISEI capacitors made no noticeable difference here.

The DC4 is supplied with a dedicated output cable to suit the Chord DAVE DAC. All DC4 output cables are made from Neotech OCC wire with PTFE insulation just like the internal wiring, and are fitted with a 4-way Molex connector to mate with the DAVE internal power connector. Mundorf silver-gold wire is also available on request as an upgrade. The cable assembly is made up of 2 separate cables (to keep digital and analogue section rails separate and avoid noise cross-talk) with a customised clamp assembly to fit the DAVE rear panel.

Full installation instructions are sent as a PDF file - the modification is FULLY REVERSIBLE if required in the future, and it only requires basic tools (allen keys, screwdriver, maybe pliers too). No soldering is required. No client has ever had any issues with the installation, we're confident that almost anybody can easily do it for themselves.

£9210 including VAT

(11600 USD for North America)

3-rail DC4 PSU with 1m Chord DAVE cable (ARC6 DC4 spec)

£7230 including VAT

(9200 USD for North America)

3-rail DC4 PSU with 1m Chord DAVE cable (standard DC4 spec)


£300 including VAT

Upgrade internal DC wiring loom to 18AWG Mundorf silver-gold hybrid wire

£660 including VAT

Upgrade internal DC wiring loom to 15AWG Mundorf silver-gold hybrid wire

£900 including VAT

Upgrade 1m umbilical cable  to 18AWG Mundorf silver-gold hybrid wire (shorter cable available at £75 off per 10cm)

£1980 including VAT

Upgrade 1m umbilical cable  to 15AWG Mundorf silver-gold hybrid wire (shorter cable available at £150 off per 10cm)