PowerBlack Range

PowerBlack Cable

The PowerBlack range of mains cables is our reference series of mains cable. It is built with three 2.5 sq. mm copper cores of very high purity (standard hi-fi mains cables are mostly made with only 1.0 or 1.5 sq. mm cores, which consequently have a higher resistance) and is double shielded using two separate layers -a densely woven braiding of tinned copper, and a dielectric film to ensure that the cable is extremely well shielded from any external sources of interference - the shielding density on the PowerBlack cable is almost twice that of our Regular Shielded range. This interference (often referred to as Radio Frequency Interference, RFI or Electro-Magnetic Interference, EMI) manifests itself as a high-frequency 'noise' on the otherwise smooth sine wave of the AC mains supply This interference is produced by all electrical equipment – especially your hi-fi components themselves! And ideally, we would like to supply out hi-fi components with as clean and pure an AC sine wave as possible.

Every PowerBlack cable comes fitted with a ferrite core as standard, in order to suppress any high-frequency interference that is already present in your mains supply, which can enter your supply before it reaches a section of our shielded cable. These ferrites are an extremely effective upgrade, and are available for purchase separately in our DIY Parts section so that you can fit them yourself to any of your existing cables.

PowerBlack cables are available in any length, with a choice of a wide range of plugs. As well as standard mains cables, we also manufacture multi-way Hydras, as recommended by Naim Audio and other manufacturers. These units allow you to have two to four output cables from a single plug socket, and uses a star earthing system which can bring significant benefits to your system.

If you want the ultimate in a mains power cabling system, then check out our hard-wired PowerBlack Distribution Block. It can give any number of output cables from 2 to 13, it has a separate input cable (so any type of mains plug can be fitted to suit your requirements), and is all housed in a shielded, attractive aluminium case.

Mains Plug Options

We fit an MK Toughplug with ultrasonically cleaned and hand-polished brass pins as standard to our PowerBlack cables, but can also fit mains plugs for Europe (Schuko type), Australia and the US, as well as male IEC connectors if you need an IEC-IEC cable. We can also fit multi-way Hydra mains plugs if you want multiple outputs from a single mains plug (UK plug only, 2 to 4 outputs). In addition, we hold several silver-plated versions of these plug types in stock, so please ask if you have a specific request.

End Plug Options

We can fit a large range of end plugs or extension sockets to either mains cable range - IEC connectors in brass or silver-plated versions, silver-plated C7 (figure-8) connectors, C19 'High Current' connectors, extension sockets in both plastic and metal-bodied versions (UK, Schuko and US types), 3-pole Bulgin connectors for use with vintage equipment (Leak, Quad etc), XLR-LNE connectors, and several others. We can also supply IEC-to-C5 'Clover Leaf' adaptors. Please ask if you have a specific requirement.