unregulated Power Supply (taiko atx)

Reference Level DC Voltage Power Supply with unregulated output

This is an unregulated linear PSU - specially designed for use with ATX convertors such as the units made by Taiko Audio and others. The output is approximately 36VDC and is NOT regulated - this gives the lowest possible output impedance, and maximises performance of the Taiko ATX convertor amongst others. Other voltages can be supplied to custom order.

The PSU is based on the DC3 physical chassis, and includes an ARC6 module (as used in our ARC6 DC4 PSUs) which provides a low impedance unregulated power rail. We use a large custom transformer with multiple shielding layers and Neotech OCC internal DC wiring as standard (upgraded wiring and feet are available on request). We also fit a special soft-start unit to the PSU in order to provide a "gentle" power-up profile to the PSU. Using an unregulated PSU without such a module can cause damage to ATX convertors at power-up and this must be avoided at all costs.

The PSU is not supplied as standard with an output cable to fit the Taiko ATX (or other devices) - you will need to source this cable for yourself or make your own. We can recommend Ghent Audio, who can supply high quality custom cables for this application. If desired, we can supply an output cable with a non-specific connector (GX16 or 5.5mm DC tube-type plug for example) and matching socket, and you can create the final connection inside the PC chassis yourself. The PSU output socket is a 4 pole GX16 socket as standard but we can supply most other common types so that you can use existing DC cables you might already own (e.g. 3 pin XLR socket as used by HDPlex PSUs etc)

To power these units, we recommend the use of our PowerBlack IEC cable. The PSU is not supplied with an IEC power cable as standard - if desired, you can use a 'free' type (the sort that comes with various electrical equipment, most people seem to have several of these spare around their homes), or an upgraded cable from us for an enhanced listening experience.

Note - photos to be updated. Unregulated PSU does not have a power LED fitted as standard, and the output is not fused for lowest possible impedance.

£2550 including VAT

(3080 USD [tbc] for North America)

c. 36DC (unregulated) output


Please email with any custom requests