Solid Silver Distribution Block

Solid 99.99% Pure Silver cabled multiple-output alu case, with silver power connectors and ferrite core(s)

After introducing our Solid Silver mains cables, the next logical step was to use them in our Distribution Block configuration (originally developed for use with our PowerBlack range of copper cables), to produce the ultimate mains power distribution system!

Each one of these blocks will be built precisely to custom order - you can specify each length of cable to the nearest 5cm, and also the capacity (medium or large) of each one, as well as the usual options like the power connectors and colour of the aluminium case (black or silver).

The pricing system for the block works as follows: because the silver wire runs inside the block to a longer length than it normally does in a conventional mains cable, add on 10cm to each cable's length you need. Don't forget to include the input cable too! The block itself costs a fixed amount, so don't forget to add this on too.

For example, if you wanted a 2-way block with two 'medium' 0.7m IEC outputs (e.g. for a CD player and a DAC) and a 0.4m 'large' inlet cable with a UK plug, then you just need to add up the cost of the normal cables (as listed on their own web pages, which can be reached through the menu on the left of this page) with the extra 10cm added on - i.e. two medium 0.8m cables and one large 0.5m cable. And you can even choose between UK, EU or US silver mains plugs - they are all included in the prices given. The same goes for fitting IEC, figure-8 or other types of connector on the output ends. The mains plug that goes into your wall socket is available in UK, EU, US and AUS types, and is silver plated as standard.

The first picture below shows the Solid Silver mains cable, and the second picture shows our PowerBlack distribution block - you will receive the same style of aluminium case, but fitted with the white Solid Silver cables exactly as per your own specification.


      £150 including VAT


       Bare block, no cables




        Inlet and outlet cables:

        add as per separate

        cables plus 10cm

        Longer cables:

        add £75 per 10cm (Med.)

        add £120 per 10cm (Lrg.)

        Euro or US silver plug:


        IEC, C19 or               figure-8 connectors:




Customer Testimonials:


N.B. Comments relate to the standard Solid Silver mains cable, not assembled into the Solid Silver distribution block:

Initial tests we carried out on the Solid Silver mains cable revealed an incredible depth to the sound, and it notably stripped all of the sibilance out of vocals on sub-optimal recordings when compared to a range of other cables, including our own PowerBlack cable and a W******** Electra 5 cable (which retails at more than twice the cost of our own Silver cable). Our Solid Silver cable leaves far more expensive cables for dead - as one of our customers succinctly said, "This is a very special cable". He was suitably impressed in the listening test consultation we carried out with him, and he was left wishing he hadn't bought a more expensive cable from a different manufacturer as a result of the listening test! Full comments to follow soon...

Another customer requested that we upgrade the normal copper wiring in his distribution block to our new solid silver wiring system - here is what he had to say about the upgrade:


"I have had the system up for three days virtually with your cable on the CD Player and the rewired mains block on for around 12 hours per day.  The first noticeable improvement is the great reduction in noise-floor - as with most people nigh-time listening  is generally the most rewarding - I seem to have this state on a permanent basis!.  Then I noticed much greater separation in the stereo sound-stage.  Then the longer I listen the actual musicality of the system has been noticeably heightened - particularly with acoustic instruments.  The depth and tautness of bass has been a revelation; as I mentioned to you before, my hybrid speakers are not renowned for their bass response, but they were obviously capable of more than they were delivering. 

Overall, I am so very pleased with what you have done, and I eagerly await the upgrade of the second mains block so that my TV and Blue-Ray player and SACD Player can all benefit as well.

You are clearly going to be my engineer of choice from here on in!!!

Thank you so very much for not only the quality of what you have delivered but also in explaining the process so carefully - you know what an irritating lot us audiophiles can be at the best of times!!!"


Mike (UK)

It is worth noting that the above customer has now not only gone on to have his second block upgraded with solid silver wiring, but he has also ordered another three (and counting...) of the solid silver IEC cables from us, he is that impressed with them!


Further Information:


The cable comes with a silver plated UK, Euro Schuko or US plug as standard, as well as your choice of silver plated IEC, silver plated figure-8, C19 (high current IEC), or Bulgin 3 pole plug, all at no extra cost. We can also supply a nickel plated Australian plug, and we even offer a discount on this option! The cable comes fitted with ferrite cores appropriate to its length (1 core for cables up to 0.7m, 2 ferrites for longer cables).


The cable uses solid 99.99% silver wire for the Live and Neutral cores, and a 2.5 copper wire for the Earth connection. This is perfectly logical, as the Earth wire does not carry a current, it only acts as a safety mechanism (hence the large surface area of copper used) and as a drain for the shielding in your hifi equipment. If you desire, we can also upgrade the Earth to a 2.55 solid 99.99% silver core - please ask us for more details.


The Clean Earth system is one of our unique new innovations, it works by preventing the Earth wire from feeding interference across to the critical current-carrying cores. This helps to really kill the last of the background noise from the system. Our Blue audio cables use a similar principle, which works slightly differently but the end effect of giving an inky 'black' sonic background is much the same.


The diameter of the Solid Silver mains cable (all sizes) is approximately 12mm,  but because of its construction it is still very flexible, in fact more so than our PowerBlack cable which is only 10mm in diameter. The standard outer braid colour is white, but we can use black, grey or blue upon request at no extra cost to yourself. We can also use other colours to special order.