PowerBlack Distribution Block

MK Toughplug to multiple-output aluminium case, with silver plated IECs and ferrite cores

This is our flagship mains power supply product - the Distribution Block is available with any number of output cables from 2 to 13, and we can fit any type of mains plug you may require to it. Fitting one of these to your system will bring massive improvements to the sound - basslines tighten up and become better defined, background noise will drastically drop, and the midrange will be reproduced in a very natural and effortless way which you will probably have never heard before!


This product is a massive improvement over a traditional extension socket or a Hydra cable, because all of the output cables are silver-soldered together into a true star-type connection, which helps to reduce system hum and background noise. As well as the three internal cores of each cable, we also star-connect all of the cable external shields together in our PowerBlack cabling and shield the casework, to give seamless shielding of the cable from the mains plug to the IEC connectors. Any interference is drained from the outer shield all the way back to the Earth pin of the inlet mains plug, which is not possible to achieve with a conventional extension socket and mains cables configuration. As mentioned above, the block itself is an attractive aluminium case which also acts as part of the cable shielding, giving it another distinct advantage over plastic-bodied Hydras and extension sockets.

We can also build our Super Conditioner module into the case of this extension block, in order to provide surge protection capability and also filter out noise in your mains supply, providing your hi-fi with a cleaner mains current and boosting performance even further.

£300 including VAT


Bare block and 1 x 1.0m inlet cable - add output cables to the total to suit your needs


*REQUIRED* - Output cables:

add £210 per 1.0m cable

Longer cables:

add £90 per metre

(or £9 per 10cm)

Super Conditioner module:

add £120

Silver-plated MK Toughplug:

add £18

European 'Schuko' silver plated plug:  

add £12

US silver plated plug:

add £12

Australian silver plated plug:

add £12

Earthing terminal (for turntables etc):

add £12

Silver-plated Figure-8 (C7) connector (replaces silver-plated Blue IEC):

add £12

Customer Testimonials

I am absolutely delighted with the block. It really has helped to make my system sound much better than before. It is quite strong on detail and has a light delicate touch that does not over-emphasise any particular part of the musical picture. Rhythm and timing are very good, and it reproduces voices in particular in a very natural way. In fact I would say it pretty much gets the balance just right. There is no hint of harshness to the sound which can sometimes cause listening-fatigue. Indeed, the whole musical picture is very coherent making for great listening pleasure. I find your cables very well able to handle deep bass notes with accuracy and precision - no flabbiness here! Thank you very much for that!


Alas, I wish I could say the same for the Kimber block, especially after all your efforts to solder the wires so skilfully [NOTE - as well as building a 3-way distribution block for this customer, we also created an identical unit using genuine Kimber cables from four Wattgate IEC cables]. Don't get me wrong, it still sounds good, in fact it's very good, but the sound is not so focussed and tight as the one your cables produce. I even tried putting ferrites on all the Kimber cables, but it didn't seem to make much difference. Nevertheless, if you don't experiment, then you'll never know.


Again, I would like to thank you for all your efforts. I have the utmost appreciation of your workmanship. I am a bit of a perfectionist, and I recognise in your standard of finish that same attention to detail.


I wish you all the very best, and I am sure that I'll get in touch if I need any other work done.


Chris (UK)


I'm absolutely delighted with the improved performance; it's really opened my system up. Thank you!


Paul (UK)

Further Information

The default configuration is for a block with no output cables at all - you only purchase as many outputs as you may need for your system. Each output cable is 1m long as standard (but can be made to any length deisred) and is terminated with a silver-plated Blue IEC and a ferrite core. The inlet cable is also 1m long as standard, and is terminated with our ultrasonically cleaned and hand polished brass pin MK Toughplug, and a ferrite core is added to suppress high-frequency interference. Other popular upgrades include silver-plated mains plugs, Earthing terminals for turntables etc and different end conenctors; silver-plated Figure-8 connectors, right-angled Schurter IECs or other types of connector upon request.


The aluminium case can be fitted with two black plastic 'bumpers' if desired' our personal preference here at Custom HiFi Cables is to leave these off as it makes the case look sleeker, but if you like we can leave these fitted. Note that the case does not have any sharp edges exposed if these bumpers are left off, and they do not serve any useful purpose as the base of the case comes fitted with rubber feet anyway, but they may help protect the edges  of the aluminium endplates from minor cosmetic damage if you are expecting to be moving the unit around a lot. The bumper is shown removed and fitted in the two pictures below for reference.