Customer Testimonials

Any feedback we get that is specifically about one of our products gets posted on the relevant product page. Note that we don't actively ask customers to send in feedback, so it's always a nice surprise to see that one of our customers is so pleased with their purchase that they have taken the time and effort to write a detailed review especially for us. So thank you to our loyal customers, and keep that feedback coming in!

Here is some more general feedback we have received about our excellent level of service:

"Thanks for your e-mail. Just to let you know that the cable arrived safe and sound this morning. Thank-you very much for such a quick turn-around and on such a well constructed product. Your customer service is second to none. I'm sure that I'll be back in touch next time I want to do a cable up-grade. Best regards from another satisfied customer"

Steve (UK)

"Upgrading via cables, whether interconnects and or power leads, via on-line as opposed to retail stores is a little nerve racking. Besides being able to afford so much higher quality for your money, choosing Custom HiFi Cables, gives you more....

More confidence, and a 30 day guarantee. Ask any question and you get speedy service, helpful responses, looking to treat you as an individual, customising products to your needs and thinking about your wallet.

No useless packaging, no "our cables are better than theirs", just buy and be happy ('cos they are great cables & if you don't agree refunds are available). More than a pleasure to do business with; I know, I've come back, and am talking about upgrading further through servicing (Amplifier capacitor replacements etc.). My system (Naim, Linn, KEF) is 30 years old, back then the only cables we spent money on were speaker leads. Now it's had a fresh lease of life, and I cannot stop listening to my music again and again!. Thanks Custom HiFi Cables, you've put the smile back on my face again."

Keith (UK)

"I'm happy to say this was probably my last purchase, as my system is now complete. It has been a long way towards the final achievement I had in mind, and I'm happy to say the sound is now how I've imagined it, and you had a big part in the end result, Sean. I've bought silver interconnects, speaker cables, a CHC-XPS for the Naim DAC, several silver power cables... so, as you can see, your products are all over my system :) I couldn't recommend them more :) Needless to say they've outperformed more expensive products every time I compared them. In addition to that, you were always available in case anything went wrong, or just to clarify a doubt or debate some theories. So, here go my big thumbs up to you, Sean. Keep up the good work and your excellent attitude!"

Citro (Portugal)