Silver-plated OFC conductors & PTFE insulation, with Preh DIN and Neutrik RCAs

The Green is our mid-level audio interconnect. It is a significant upgrade over the standard Grey shielded cable, but more affordable than the Blue cabling system. Its relatively small size and high flexibility makes it ideal for connecting external accessories like laptops, iPods and MP3 players to your main hi-fi.

The Green DIN-RCA (or RCA-DIN - the Green cable is non-directional) cable is supplied as a 0.5m cable as standard, with one Preh locking ring DIN plug at one end and two gold-plated Neutrik RCA plugs at the other end. We can also fit Deltron latching DINs to special order. The standard DIN plug is the 5 pin 180 degree type, we can also fit 4 pin and 5 pin 240 degree types at no extra cost. the 4 pin type issued for connecting non-Naim preamps to Naim power amps, and the 5 pin 240 degree type can be used to connect non-Naim devices to the phono input on a Naim Uniti, for example.

£150 including VAT

0.5m cable, 5 pin

180 degree DIN to

2 x Neutrik RCAs


Longer length:

add £30 per 50cm

Customer Testimonials

First impressions are very, very good - plenty of openness and clarity with none of the horrible hiss or sibilance that typify some cheaper cables. Using Scarlatti's 'Humanita e Lucifero' as a first test, the work has the scale that it ought to, without becoming strained or bloomy. Testing the Green against a Van den Hul D102 mk. III (RRP £140), the Green gives a full sound, though not with the absolute clarity of the VdH. With the VdH Lucifer is clearly taking centrestage, with all else playing in the background. With the Green, the backing is rounder and more palpable.

With REM’s ‘Losing my Religion’, gone are the subtleties of the previous test piece, replaced by a bass line that dominates. Here the Green is perhaps a little thinner than the VdH, but this works in its favour. While the VdH perhaps picks the vocals out a little better, the Green allows the attention grabbing, vibrant rhythm and bassline to really shine through.

Coming in at a quarter of the price, the Green was never going to stack up against the VdH, nor was it meant to. However, the test certainly showed that the gap was extremely small, and really highlighted the Greens strengths. If your tastes lead you more towards something able to grab a rhythm and get your foot tapping to the bassline,the Green sounds very promising indeed at the price.

Mark (UK)

Further Information

The three most common DIN plugs we fit to this cable are the 5 pin 180 degree type, the 4 pin type and the 5 pin 240 degree type. Our 5 pin 180 degree type is the standard connector, and is wired up using three of the five pins; this means that it will work fine to connect a Naim Audio source component to a Naim Audio preamp or Nait amp. If you require a fully-connected DIN plug, for use with a tape loop for example, then we cancreate a 5 pin 180 DIn to 4 x RCA cable to special order (just email us). We can also wire it so that the RCA plugs can be connected to the inputson a recording device, when the DIN is plugged into a tape loop on a Naim (pre)amp. If you would like advice on any of these cable configurations, then please contact us for full details.

The Green Range uses several cores of silver-plated pure OFC conductor with a PTFE insulation, which is then sheathed in a protective polyurethane tube, the colour of this tube gives its name to the range. This is our middle level of cables, a step above the standard grey shielded cable but at a more affordable price than the top-level Blue interconnect.

We often do away with the outer green tube in order to create multiple-output cables, where you need several separate output cables to enter one single plug. An example of this is the 4 pin XLR socket to 4 x banana plug cables that we make for HE-6 headphone amplifiers - this uses four separate runs of twisted-pair 20AWG silver plated copper wire, which because of their relatively small size can all be connected inside an XLR plug body.

In some cases we will use a green heatshrunk jacket to contain a large number of individual cables, as our green polyurethane jacket is quite small and only available in one size.

The Green cable is much easier to route and handle than the Blue cabling system, which is some cases can make it a better option; for example, with a 3.5mm stereo jack we can create a very nice iPod/MP3 player cable to link it to your main hi-fi, but with the Blue cabling the cable would be impractically stiff and heavy.