Solid Silver RCA-RCA (or other)

Solid Core 99.99% Pure Silver Shielded Interconnect, with silver plated Carbon Fibre RCA plugs


- XLR - DIN - JACK -


The Solid Silver Interconnect cable is our flagship cable - it combines our incredible solid silver conductors that we use in our Solid Silver Power Cables with a brand new shielding system - the Solid Silver cable is in fact a FULLY balanced cable with a shield that is non-directional, providing an excellent level of shielding against interference but also without compromising the integrity of the signal ground, which we have found can affect the soundstage and openness of music in some other shielded cable designs.

No expense has been spared with this cable - as well as the new shielding system, we use silicone polymers to provide the cable with a critically damped mechanical aspect, this helps to reduce microphonics through cable vibration. Even the way that the cable is assembled can affect the damping of the conductors, using lessons that we have learnt over the past 3 years in our cable development programme we have optimised the performance of the cable in almost every aspect that we can.

The end connectors that we use are a work of art in themselves - we use RCA connectors that have locking ring mechanisms, which are fully compatible with regular RCA sockets but they allow an extremely positive contact to be made with the ground plane of your equipment, optimising performance. The connectors are heavily silver plated, and all joints are hand-soldered using a high percentage silver solder for maximum signal transfer (as with all of our cables). The locking ring bodies of the connectors are made from carbon fibre, which further helps to reduce microphony. The contact pins on both the RCA and XLR connectors are hollow-pin types, to improve signal path focus in a similar way to Eichmann Bullet Plugs.

And what do they sound like? Absolutely phenomenal, if your system is up to the required standard then you absolutely must try these out. Superlatives can be over-used a lot in the world of hi-fi, but in this case they are well earnt. See the testimonial section below for comments from a small selection of our clients on how good these cables actually are.

     £660 including VAT


        0.5m pair, RCA-RCA




        Longer cable:

        add £90 per 10cm 


        Different connectors:

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Customer Testimonials:


The cable has had a few days to burn in now... I think the bass is fuller, more defined, which gave the sound more "body". I think my sound stage is also wider and has more depth. Regarding the highs, they're as defined and crystal clear as they can be... the voices, as well as the instruments, are presented as if actually being in the room. I'm happy to say this was probably my last purchase, as my system is complete. It has been a long way towards the final achievement I had in mind, and I'm happy to say the sound is now how I've imagined it, and you had a big part in the end result, Sean. I've bought silver interconnects, speaker cables, a CHC-XPS for the Naim DAC, silver power cables... so, as you can see, your products are all over my system :) I couldn't recommend them more :) Needless to say they've outperformed more expensive products every time I compared them. In addition to that, you were always available in case anything went wrong, or just to clarify a doubt or debate some theories. So, here go my big thumbs up to you, Sean. Keep up the good work and your excellent attitude!

Citro (Portugal)

The cables arrived on Saturday, I tried them right away. It seemed to improve the sound right then compared to my existing Blue cables, but wasn't so sure if it was a big gap worth it. I did another switch this morning and I think yes, it's a lot better than the Blue. The voices are more natural, there is no harshness, the trebles/high mids are precise and softer at the same time, and listening is less tiring than with the Blue.

J.M. (France)

I told Sean at CHC that I was looking for a pair of solid silver interconnects to use between my pre-amp and my main power amp. What I did not tell him was I already owned and was listening to two other top brands, one costing £400 per 0.5m pair. Sean sold me his latest solid silver wire interconnects but I needed a pair at 1.0m.  He supplied me with the length I requested, terminated with good quality RCA phono plugs. Once connected to my system I could hear differences and similarities to the £400 0.5m interconnects.

In my vacuum tube based system, the cable’s overall character was neutral with little colouration. I've thrown all types of music through it from classical, rock, blues, R&B, sixties soul, techno, hip hop to roots reggae. Listening to each genre, regardless of the quality of the vinyl, the cable allowed me to look deeper into the recording than I’ve ever done before. For example, a poorly manufactured mid-1970s Frank Zappa recording sounded bass light and bright, but stick percussion or a mistake made by the drummer was picked out effortlessly in the mix. Yet, when followed by a 1979 recording of the reggae group the Royals' "Pick Up The Pieces", my whole living room shook with a thunderous but taut bass , with almost ethereal highs on the cymbals and the high-hat, and a delicate mid-range which seemed to separate the lead singer from the two others singing harmonies.

Another example of the openness and control of the cable was the way it presented Muddy Water's "Folk Singer" (I have an original Mobile Fidelity (MF) vinyl copy brought almost twenty years ago), and Dave Brubeck's "We're All Together Again For The First Time". Both MF recordings excelled in the way they presented these respective artists. Muddy Water's sparsely recorded masterpiece exuded emotion, while Brubeck's polyrhythms were easily discernible. At high and low volume listening levels the cable produced clear midrange and emotive sounding vocals, delicate highs and not overstated but deep taut bass that has pace, timing and rhythm. There were no over sharp sounding edges to the treble or the midrange which are sometimes unpleasant characteristics of some pure silver cables in some systems. In fact when listening to CDs the interconnects tamed the harshness I have with the upper midrange and for the first time matched vinyl for sound. In effect, this cable is outrageously cheap and so gives extremely good value for money but without compromising quality of materials or sound. Highly recommended.... and just to add, my sound stage is the deepest I’ve ever had due to these silver interconnects.

Rey (UK)

Further Information:


The cable comes with silver plated RCA plugs as standard. We can also supply silver-plated XLR plugs, silver-plated DIN plugs (various types available), silver plated 6.35mm jack plugs, and other types to special order - please contact us with your requirements and we will be happy to help.


The diameter of the Solid Silver cable is approximately 8mm,  but because of its construction it is still very flexible, much more so than our Blue range of cable and a bit better than the Green range. The standard outer braid colour is white, but we can use black upon request at no extra cost to yourself. We can also use other colours to special order.