The Green Range

The Green Range uses several cores of silver-plated pure OFC conductor with a PTFE insulation, which is then sheathed in a protective polyurethane tube, the colour of this tube gives its name to the range. This is our middle level of cables, a step above the standard grey shielded cable but at a more affordable price than the top-level Blue interconnect.

We often do away with the outer green tube in order to create multiple-output cables, where you need several separate output cables to enter one single plug. An example of this is the 4 pin XLR socket to 4 x banana plug cables that we make for HE-6 headphone amplifiers - this uses four separate runs of twisted-pair 20AWG silver plated copper wire, which because of their relatively small size can all be connected inside an XLR plug body.

In some cases we will use a green heatshrunk jacket to contain a large number of individual cables, as our green polyurethane jacket is quite small and only available in one size.

The Green cable is much easier to route and handle than the Blue cabling system, which is some cases can make it a better option; for example, with a 3.5mm stereo jack we can create a very nice iPod/MP3 player cable to link it to your main hi-fi, but with the Blue cabling the cable would be impractically stiff and heavy.