About Us

Custom HiFi Cables Ltd. is a Limited Company, registered at Companies House UK (company number 07478867)

Prior to starting Custom HiFi Cables Ltd, our Managing Director graduated from the University of Leeds with a Masters degree in Mechanical and Electronic Engineering (graduating with First Class Honours), and went on to complete his PhD in the field of analogue signal control in robotics, which makes him extremely well qualified to be designing and manufacturing power cables, audio cables and power supplies. We're not just amateurs making the odd cable and PSU in our spare time, this is a dedicated business run by a highly qualified professional. We test all of our prototype cables and new power supply/conditioner designs in-house on a range of components, including our Naim Audio reference system. We have been seriously into the world of hi-fi since 1998, so we've heard a lot of systems in our time and we know what a good system should sound like!

Custom HiFi Cables Ltd. was established in 2010 with the primary aim of providing extremely high quality hi-fi and home cinema accessories, including mains cables, audio interconnects, speaker cables and other accessories at extremely competitive prices. We also sell an ever-expanding range of power supply units for a range of different requirements, the DC3 and DC4 are widely known and very highly regarded, with a fully-upgraded ARC6 DC4 PSU probably being the very best PSU in the world bar none.

Another aim of Custom HiFi Cables Ltd is to offer a full customisation service for all of our products (the clue is in the company name, after all), if you need a power supply unit with an unusual specification, or a cable making to a certain length or with specialised and hard-to-find connectors then in almost all cases we will be able to make exactly what you need.

We believe that the customer should not be confused by 'techno-babble' and outrageous marketing claims, so you will find that all of our products are presented objectively and the finer technical points of any important features are explained in plain English. And if you would like clarification on anything, then we're more than happy to answer any of your queries.

If you would like to know more about any of our products, or if you have a customised/specialist cable or audio product that you require that is not listed on our website, then email us at custom.hifi.cables@gmail.com and we will be delighted to help in any way that we can.

We carry out all our product design and manufacturing work in-house, instead of sub-contracting to someone else less skilled or knowledgeable. We have been in this particular line of business since 2009, and we have had several hundreds of repeat customers over this time and plenty of excellent feedback from our clients all around the world, all of it full of praise for the high quality of our products and the massive improvements that it has brought to their system, not to mention our excellent level of service.

We specialise in designing and building power supplies for a wide range of equipment - Naim Audio is a perfect example of how we have come up with advanced PSU designs that, in the opinions of our clients, can far surpass the performance of the manufacturer's original design. As well as PSUs, we also make a wide range of cables for almost any application (excluding USB and Ethernet cables... for now at least). If you don't see it on the website, then please do ask us!


Dr Sean jacobs

Owner, Managing Director

Linczozo Operational Morningstar 'moxie' jacobs-lorincz

Chief Human Resources Officer

Anna Jacobs

Co-Director, PSU Assembly