Double shielded, OFC solid core cables with Preh DIN plug and gold Neutrik XLR

The Blue DIN-XLR cable is from our premium interconnect range. Its no-compromise construction and competitive pricing has seen it favourably compare to some cables costing almost five times as much! Its double shielded and fully balanced design means that it reproduces music with astonishing accuracy, and it has a particularly 'black' lack of background noise as a direct consequence of its design. If your system suffers from hum and noise then this cable might be the solution you have been looking for! The customer testimonials really do speak for themselves.


The standard cable is fitted with one Preh branded 4 pin locking DIN at one end and one Neutrik branded locking 3-pin XLR male plug with gold-plated pins at the other end; this cable is for connecting a Naim Audio preamp to a NAP250 power amp. it can also be used to connect to a pair of NAP135s or a NAP500, if you buy two of the cables. Please specify the amp type when ordering, so we can configure the pins accordingly. 


If you need to connect a source component with XLR outputs to a DIN input on an amplifier (using a 5 pin 180 degree DIN plug as standard, but we can fit other types if required), then we can make one of these cables as well; this will cost more though, as we use an extra XLR plug and we also need to create a 'Y' junction in the Blue cabling system.

Photo to be updated - the new colour scheme is blue braid, with red and white heatshrink termination (or blue for a single XLR male plug). The XLRs  have black bodies. Cable shown is 2 x XLR version.

      £210 including VAT


       0.5m, 4 pin DIN to 

       3 pin male XLR




        Longer cable:

        add £90 per 50cm


        2 x XLR female (or male) 

        plugs to 1 x DIN plug:

        add £60


Customer Testimonials

This morning I hooked up my Quad equipment with your Blue cables, so I thought I would have a quick word about my first impressions of the cables “out of the box”, as follows:

A rich sound, this jumped out at me from the very first listen!

An unforced, easy laid-back quality

Nice detailed "sparkly" highs, which I can only describe as like audio fireworks!

Large soundstage with instruments individually placed in space can be made out on recordings where this separation is present, it is nicely revealed

Good bass. Not heavy or blurred/fuzzy, I do not have to use the Quad 34 bass filter to improve bass

Clarity!! I can now hear most of what Simon and Garfunkel are saying when it gets complicated!

The rough edges are still there but I think these are faults of the recording and not the cables or amps, like I said before maybe a speaker upgrade is called for.

Subjectively conveys more emotion than before,

The background sounds quiet, "black" in fact! Even when there are loud sections. This black background is the biggest most remarkable and most stand out comment I can make, I really do like it so far. I hope and expect it to open out somewhat after a lot more hours

Good vocal tonality and strings sound "real"

I have to say, these Blue cables make my Quad system sound like someone sneaked in and upgraded it while I was sleeping!

I have not pushed it too much yet these are just my first impressions, I look forward to a few more impressions after a few more weeks.


P.S. A lot of what I have described is probably recognisable to other Quad owners as common tonal features of the earlier Quad Equipment, yet I think that the Blue cables with their very good signal properties and good construction just let me hear a whole lot more of what I had in my amps and CD player, but just could not be revealed before..

All the best,  


Danny (UK)


Your cable is nearly run in, and yesterday started sounding very very good!! I think its close to the Chord Company Anthem2 now [which sells at £250 compared to less than £60 for ‘The Blue’]...the treble has calmed a little and is more in focus with the rest of the sounds amazing. It simply does let the music do what it wants to.


Steven (UK)


Further Information


The Blue cabling system involves using a twin run of double-shielded cable. This cable has a separate signal ground and separate shielding, which is usually only found on the very highest-end cables, and is what makes this cable sound so good for the money and gives it its characteristic ‘Black’ lack of background noise. If your system suffers from hum and noise then this cable might be the solution you have been looking for! The inner cores are 1mm diameter solid 99.999% OFC copper, and are shielded to block any RFI/EMI that can taint the sound.


Each cable is double shielded, with a braid of copper filaments and also a copper foil to give 100% coverage of the inner conductors. This braid and foil combination acts as an electrical shield, intercepting and removing any harmful radio-frequency interference (RFI) produced by all electrical equipment – especially your hi-fi components themselves! This is why a relatively short length of shielding has such a positive effect on the sound of your system, as the interconnect cables pass right by the transformers and power regulation circuitry in all of your components on your equipment rack. This allows my cables to carry an extremely pure and noise-free signal, which is an essential part of improving the sound of your setup.