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Valves For Sale

We use E88CC-type valves in several of our products - the HA10 and HA10SE headphone amps, as well as some upcoming prototypes of future products. As we all know, changing the valves in equipment can give significant improvements in sound quality without the need for any specialist equipment or knowledge. The following is a list of the valves that we currently carry in stock, and have all been tested and certified as suitable for use in any of our valve products. All valves come with a 3 month guarantee as standard.

Note that the different valve types - E88CC, ECC88 and 6922 are all interchangeable, and are given for information only. All of these types work equally well in our products. Valves described as 'NEW' are just that - brand new current model valves, which we power up for no more than 5 minutes to verify that they are in full working order before dispatch. 'NOS' is New Old Stock - unused, but old designs that have been in storage for decades. Again, we test them for no more than 5 minutes to ensure reliability - we can perform extended tests for free upon request if desired. 'OS' are Old Stock valves, these are used valves but are still in full working order; we only buy valves from our suppliers that have been tested as excellent, i.e. with operating figures that are 90% or more as good as the figures when new.

Condition Valve
Valve Manufacturer Features Price (£) No. in

NEW E88CC JJ (Tesla) Balance-matched within 10%, original box 15 8
NEW E88CC JJ (Tesla) Balance-matched within 3%, original box 20 7
NEW E88CC JJ (Tesla) Gold Pins, original box 30
NEW 6922 JAN (Philips) Plain body (military use), etched batch code 25 1

NOS ECC88 Amperex 1969 Holland, tests at >100% of NEW figures (print has powdered and come off) 20
JAN (Sylvania)
Miltary spec, halo getter, balanced to 2%