Clearance Section

This is the section where we list any existing cables and products that are being sold at a reduced price. Some items are ex-demo, some are cancelled orders, some are one-off prototypes... You get the idea. All items are described as accurately as possible, photos are available upon request. First come first served, so be quick! All items come with the standard 5 year warranty unless otherwise stated. Prices do not include P&P.


HA10SE, specially modified for dual rail usage. All-black finish (with black valve guard). Includes many one-off upgrades, including silver plated RCA sockets and Mundorf signal path capacitors. Does require a PSU (24V, single rail or dual rail), which I may be able to build for you if you do not have a suitable one already. Naim Flatcap/Hicap PSUs are also suitable, I can provide a connection cable for this if desired.

Please email for price and further information/options


0.7m Green 2xRCA to DIN cable - this is a part-built cable and does not have the DIN plug end finished off yet, so it could be fitted with any DIN plug type that you need. The Green cable is not directional either, so the RCA plugs could be for the source or the amp end of the cable. I can even fit a jack plug or single XLR plug (e.g. for a Naim NAP250) to the blank end instead of a DIN if desired. Brand new condition, obviously.
Was £81.00, now just £70.00!

1m Grey 2xRCA to DIN cable - used as a temporary cable in our reference system. As new. This is a discontinued cable range that we used to make, which sat just below the Green cable range in our lineup.

Was £50.00, now just £35.00!


None available at present, sorry!