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PP10 Passive Preamplifier

Passive preamplifier unit, with ALPS Blue volume pot and gold plated RCA sockets
Custom HiFi Cables Ltd. have designed a neat product that fills a wide gap in the market, it's the first in what will eventually be a range of preamps and power amps - this simple yet effective preamplifier design is fully passive, i.e. it does not require a power source to operate. We use the best components - a genuine ALPS Blue volume potentiometer, and true point-to-point wiring inside the amp to keep the signal paths as short as possible. The standard wiring used is a silver-plated OFC copper with PTFE insulation, but as an upgrade we can also offer our 99.99% solid silver wire and silver-plated RCA sockets for the ultimate in performance (see the price list to the right) - we can even upgrade the RCA sockets if desired to other makes, or fit other sockets (DIN sockets for example) to special order.

This product comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with it (Terms and Conditions apply)

N.B. - photo shows the 2 input version with toggle switch. A rotary switch with a matching aluminium knob is also available for multiple input selection.
Further Information:
At the heart of the PP10 is a genuine ALPS Blue volume potentiometer, which is housed in a smart aluminium (which is non-ferrous of course, and is grounded to eliminate signal hum) case. The case itself is a shortened version of our cases we use for the DC1, to keep the signal path as short as possible. The rear panel holds the gold-plated RCA sockets for the inputs and outputs (silver plated available as an upgrade), and the front panel has a smart machined aluminium volume knob and (if required) an input selection switch - this switch is normally a rotary switch with an aluminium knob to match the volume knob, but for a 2 input preamp we can also use a toggle selector switch. The PP10 normally comes in silver, but we can also build it in black if desired at no extra cost.
We can also add a fixed level tape loop output(s) upon request - this will be at the same cost as adding an extra input.
If you prefer, we can also fit an electronic relay switching system instead of the manual selector switch, whereby a simple press of a button will cycle through the inputs (which can be displayed on the front panel either by a series of small LEDs or a 2-letter LED display to show 'cd', 'pc' or similar - customisable to the customer's request of course. Switching is done with a set of high quality relays with silver-plated contacts. The price of this service will depend on the number of inputs required, please contact use for a no-obligation quote.

We also have a remote-controlled version of the PP10 in development, watch our website for more info or send us an email to enquire!
       Black or silver case
       single input
       silver plated wiring
        Extra inputs:
        add £20 per input
        Solid 99.99% silver     
        wiring & silver RCAs:      
        add £40, plus £20 per 
        extra input purchased

        Different socket types: