A few recent additions to the clearance section - a 12V 5A DC3 PSU and a 2.1m set of speaker cables.


The DC2 PSU is now discontinued - we do still have around 10-12 DC2 PCBs in stock though, these are available as assembled and tested boards for DIYers to make their own PSUs around (case and transformer are required plus sundry items). Please contact us for details.


The COVID-19 state of partial lockdown continues - however, at CHC it is 100% business as usual, as we are a home-based business anyway. Couriers and the postal service are working almost normally at present as well, although an extra few days allowance for international deliveries may be needed for some countries. Email us with an enquiry if you would like up-to-date information.


Exciting news, we have expanded our range of DIY kits/modules and parts - good news when you are stuck at home and bored! The products range from ready-built modules to blank PCBs that you solder yourself - Upgraded voltage regulator modules, our valve-hybrid headphone amplifier and a remote-controlled passive preamplifier kit are all on offer. The DC2 PSU circuit board is also now available (website to be updated with this). See the new kits now here: DIY Parts


Today, on the 9th anniversary of the founding of CHC, we are pleased to announce our new ULTIMATE PSU - the DC4! You can read about it here: DC4 Power Supply


As of November 2019, the reputation of Custom HiFi Cables Ltd. has grown to a point where demand for my products is constantly high. As most of you know, I build everything myself to custom order, and as a small UK business I also wish to remain below the VAT registration threshold, which also limits me in terms of the value of orders I can take each year (although believe me, this threshold is high enough to keep me very busy almost all of the time!). As word of my work and my reputation has spread throughout the industry and around the world, I now find myself at a crossroads - do I expand the business, buy/let some larger premises and employ several staff to help me meet the demand, and take on all the risk and stress that this entails, or do I stay as I am and limit the orders that I can take? There is a third option that I am hoping can one day come to fruition though...

As many of you know, I work in partnership with Innuos, who build the superb Zen, Zenith and Statement music servers, which have all been incredibly highly praised by the hifi press. I design the PSUs for all Innuos equipment, which has given a significant boost in the audio performance of their servers and also to their sales figures. It's an incredibly mutually beneficial relationship and am interested in working with several other hifi companies in the future in a similar manner, whereby I supply my PSU designs under licence and the manufacturer can then build and distribute their upgraded products, thereby allowing my designs to reach many more clients.

If you represent a hifi manufacturer who may be interested in working with me, then please do get in touch and I would be very happy to discuss a potential working relationship.


Welcome to the online home of Custom Hifi Cables Ltd. Recent news items are announced on this front page, for our product pages you can navigate using the left-hand menus.

We offer a very reasonable 5 year warranty on all of our products, because we're so confident in the high quality of our construction and design.

All of our DC3 and Naim PSUs use version 2.1 of our fabled CHC-REG regulator modules. Clients claim that these PSUs outperform the equivalent DR-specification PSUs from Naim and other manufacturers, so contact us today to ask for more details or a demo.

We offer a comprehensive Naim Audio Servicing and Upgrades service, for almost all of your Naim Audio servicing needs. We will also willingly upgrade the equipment above and beyond its original specification to further improve its performance, if desired. We also offer a complete range of replacement Naim PSUs, which offer significant upgrade for a fraction of the price of even a second-hand Naim PSU (which would come with no warranty of course and would need a service anyway).


Our company was established in 2010 in order to sell high quality hi-fi cables and power supplies at extremely competitive prices, which we are able to offer through exclusively selling online and also developing and manufacturing all of our own products in-house. As a result, our products are pretty much unbeatable for the money - we challenge you to find better products at a similar price!

What sets us apart from the other cable and PSU companies is that we are extremely happy to customise any of our products to your exact personalised requirements, whether it is simply making a cable to a precise length or designing a complete power supply and interconnect solution for your whole system.

You can use the left-hand menu to view more information about us, our contact details, and of course our full range of cables, PSUs and hi-fi accessories. All of these products can be customised - the most popular customisation options are listed on the right-hand side of each product page, along with prices, but if there is something you need that you can't find then please email us and we will be happy to help as much as possible and quote for customised products.

Email us directly at custom.hifi.cables@gmail.com if you would like further information on any of our products.