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The Orange 'Type A' Speaker Cable

32 shielded 23AWG solid OFC cores, braided and terminated to order
Please note that we now make two types of Orange cable - the A and B types. Type A is the original, 4-core braided cable, whilst Type B is the parallel 2x2 double cable. Both of these speaker cables use the same four inner cores of our Orange cable, but are simply assembled in different configurations. The sonic difference is quite remarkable considering that they use the same type of cable - Type B has a definite advantage as it has a far lower capacitance than Type A, meaning it further improves on the already excellent bass response of Type A. Its low capacitance design makes it ideal for lower-powered amplifiers and also with Naim Audio equipment, which specifically requires a low capacitance cable. It comes down to personal choice, but the team at Custom Hifi Cables Ltd. have preferred the Type B in all our listening tests to date!
The Orange 'Type A' speaker cable is not exactly inconspicuous, in either its physical presence or the presence that it brings to your music! The cable is made up from several outer cores of orange-sheathed strands of 23AWG OFC wire. There are 32 strands of this 23AWG wire in each of the speaker cables, giving it an extremely low resistance. The braiding pattern helps to reduce the level of interference absorbed by the inner cores. In listening tests, it has been found by some to perform as well as other speaker cables costing far more per metre - and we invite you to do the same! The basslines are delivered with a keen sense of timing and are never slack or bloated, and the midrange and treble is expressive and open. Just read our customer testimonials...
The Orange speaker cable is available with either gold-plated banana plugs or gold-plated spade connectors. Simply tell us what you would like at each end and we will silver-solder the connectors on for you. Either connector type is available at no extra charge. We can also make up biwired cable sets.

This product comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with it (terms and conditions apply)

Customer Testimonials

I did some comparisons with two set of silver cables I have on loan and came to a definitive conclusion pretty quick. So just to confirm my thoughts i did a blind test with my father. His conclusions matched mine exactly.
The only discernible difference was one of the silver cables had a slightly brighter top end (as we know, a characteristic of the type), but we both agreed, it was neither better or worse in that respect, just different. we also agreed that with your creation the bottom end was more rounded and for myself more preferable compared to both silver ones. 
So to summarise, your cable saw off a fancy silver plated cable costing 4 times as much as yours, and one costing six times as much - you are the man! :-)  What has it proved to me ? Well put it this way, it's the first time I've evaluated cables of this level of quality next to each other and I think once you get to a certain point (which with yours equals very little money, with well put together, oxygen free solid core copper conductors of a decent thickness) that it does not matter how much money you spend on fancy competitors, the sonic gains are negligible and subjective.
Many thanks mate, and I still can't get over how thick it is, not to mention how bloody cool it looks. It was a pleasure dealing with you as well, I'm sure we'll do business again soon!
Cheers mate
Simon (UK)


The cables work really well! There's definitely an expansiveness to the sound, with a depth in the bass and detail to the top-end which was absent before.  The cables are doing exactly what the should - i.e. not getting in the way of things or altering the sound.


I think that your cables are great value, under-priced actually!


I'm really pleased with what you have done and think that they are amazing for what they have cost, which was a fraction of the cable I had been considering.


Steve (UK)


The sound is truly amazing, with a nice tight bass, with no middle missing; and that is straight out of the box! I am sure that they will get even better as they settle down.


Mike (UK)


These cables are a serious bit of kit! Your cables are exceptionally well made and very good value for money. I was always somewhat dubious about expensive speaker cables and the supposed effects. I can say hand on heart there is an audible difference when using your cables compared to a thick silver plated speaker cable I had been using. Your cables seem to increase the bass response and the sound has more "mass" behind it. Not sure what the correct term is on that but I am sure you get my drift. All in all, outstanding!


Richard (UK)

Further Information
The Orange 'Type A' speaker cable uses a braided pattern of thirty-two OFC solid copper cores, which are all shielded using a series of aluminium foil wrappers and outer braids of tinned copper. These cores are bound into four groups of cables, which are each covered in a bright orange insualtion which gives the cable its name. The braided cores are then covered with a black overbraid, which leaves the inner orange cores semi-visible. The terminations are made up with either gold-plated banana plugs or gold-plated spade connectors, as per your requirements, at no extra charge.
Type A capacitance is typically 800pF/metre, and inductance is typically 1.02uH/metre