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Technics 1200/1210 PSU

Technics 1200/1210 Power Supply with high quality linear regulator board

How can you squeeze another significant sound enhancement from your brilliant Technics turntable? You may well have swapped out the arm for a high performance Rega/Jelco/SME, you may have that high performance cartridge, swapped out the feet for sorbothane, upgraded the mat and numerous other tweaks, but that significant performance upgrade, for dramatically improved sound, will come from an offboard power supply unit. The standard 1210/1200 is an amazingly engineered and high quality turntable, it does however suffer from jitter, noise and power fluctuations from the existing on board transformer and power regulator.  These frailties in the standard tolerances are fine for DJ use, but if you are looking for audiophile quality, then you can do much, much better. 

The built-in power supply that drives the motor is the weak link in an otherwise excellent turntable - but this can be dramatically improved upon! We have developed a regulated, fully linear, audio grade power supply unit to match your much loved Technics 1210/1200. As with all of our products, we can customise the PSU to suit any budget. You have the choice of silver or black cases, and also the performance level of the PSU itself - we offer modified versions of our DC1 and DC2 PSUs, which can be seen on their own webpages for more info. We also include a dedicated connection cable and a specialised power connector for the rear panel of your turntable in the unit price.

The turntable itself will require modification, involving the removal of the old internal voltage regulator and the fitting of a dedicated input connector to attach to our new PSU. We can carry this work out for you (see the red upgrades list to the right) on a 'while-you-wait' basis at our Bingley workshop, or you can send it to us by courier (please note that turntables as delicate and should be extremely well packed, and fully insured against damage). If you are proficient with electronics, there are also instructions online for carrying out the modification yourself if visiting us is impractical. Contact us now to arrange an appointment! What you will have once we have worked our magic is a PSU that will lift your turntable's performance with enhanced bass response, clearer imaging, wider soundstage and a real punch to the sound. I am so confident of the results, just read some of my recent customers testimonials below.

This product comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with it (terms and conditions apply) - please note that any modification work and shipping costs cannot be refunded.


Customer Testimonials

I thought I would update you, I finally got the old internal regulators taken out of my Technics 1210 turntable and your new power connector put on, I hooked it up with your DC1 PSU and I was genuinely shocked by the difference, I would say a good 15% difference in the quality of the sound reproduction, it was as though the turntable had been 'unchained'. Very good separation in the sound, the music seemed to be more natural and uncluttered. The DC1 offboard power supply you have made is a success, wonderfully made, with a quality finish and 1/3 of the price others are charging for 1210 power supplies...I'm very happy!

Shaid (UK)