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DC1 Power Supply

Entry Level DC Voltage Power Supply with high quality linear regulator board
The DC1 now uses Version 2 of our DC1 regulator design - offering an improved circuit layout and component selection in comparison with the original version.

This is our entry-level DC power supply, called the DC1. It has been designed to provide outstanding performance at a reasonable price - if you want to purchase an even higher performance DC power supply, then our  DC2 Power Supply is now also available!
Our range of DC power supplies is an excellent way to upgrade any piece of equipment that requires a low-voltage DC supply, such as the Onkyo ND-S1 iPod dock, the Musical Fidelity V-DAC, various Logitech Squeezebox devices and Naim Audio equipment that uses the NAPSC. See the bottom of this page for examples of compatible equipment. The standard power supply shipped with equipment is almost always a cheap nasty black plastic box that either plugs into a mains socket and obscures adjacent sockets, or sits on the floor humming away to itself and injecting a whole load of unwanted noise into your power supply and your hi-fi equipment. They very rarely have features such as shielding, or any form of mains filtering or surge protection, which all adds up to mean that you are effectively strangling the performance of your equipment without realising it.
Custom HiFi Cables to the rescue! We have specially developed a very low-noise DC power supply, which is FULLY LINEAR and NOT a switched-mode supply. Switched mode supplies work by turning a high voltage on and off very quickly to simulate a lower voltage, this puts a large amount of high frequency noise into the output current. This is fine for PCs and laptops, but rubbish for hi-fi use, you can hear the loss of sound quality when you compare one to our linear PSUs! Our fully linear supply uses no high-frequency control whatsoever, instead we dissipate excess energy as a very small amount of harmless heat (usually only a few degrees above room temperature).
To power these units, we recommend the use of our PowerBlack IEC cable. The DC1 PSU is not supplied with an IEC power cable as standard - if desired, you can use a 'free' type (the sort that comes with various electrical equipment, most people seem to have several of these spare around their homes), or an upgraded cable from us for an enhanced listening experience.
This product comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with it (terms and conditions apply)

We can supply either a red or a black output power cable (if you do not request a colour, black is the standard colour):
The picture shows three DC1 PSUs in total, with the three standard LED colours available.


Customer Testimonials 
Just thought I would give you my thoughts on the DC1. After listening for a while, powering the MF V-DACII from an Audio Analogue Crescendo amp and CD player combo, the difference it has made is audible and palpable. Soundstage has become much larger and deeper, instruments more real, bass firmer – effect altogether more musical. In fact, it sounds amazingly analogue-like in its presentation now.

Many thanks for such a tremendous product at such an affordable price – so well-built and exuding quality!

John (UK)

Tonight I did an A/B comparison between the stock 'wall wart' PSU that came with the Onkyo ND-S1 and my custom made PSU from Custom HiFi Cables Ltd.
Source component was my 3Gs iPhone playing Linn Radio's Jazz station streaming at 320 kbs.

I've been running the system with the Custom PSU for several weeks now. So tonight was merely substituting in the stock PSU

Simply put, NO comparison. With the stock PSU, everything sounds shut in, closed in, two dimensional, no air around the instruments or voices. The soundstage is much much wider with the Custom PSU. Everything is more dynamic. I wasn't expecting such a leap between the two

Bottom line, the Custom PSU makes me want to listen to music (exactly why I bought the Onkyo in the first place) the stock PSU is uninspiring, uninvolving. hence no desire to listen to the music.

Before going to the Onkyo and an existing DAC, I was just taking the analogue signal out of the LOD iPhone port into my headphone amp. That signal was uninspiring as well.

I thought about buying a $200 plus LOD cable from the iPhone to my headphone amp before I knew about the Onkyo. The Wadia iPhone transport was way too much money to even consider.

All things considered, the money in the Onkyo and Custom PSU was a far better choice than buying a very nice analogue LOD cable. Cheers!

David (US)
Previous to this PSU, I bought the R*** A****** power pack which was €150 shipped. That PSU made noticeable improvements but it was a wallwart just like the standard one and it made noise. In the manual it stated that it vibrates in order to convert extra energy into vibrations instead of heat. For me that is unacceptable. The PSU that Custom HiFi Cables made for me makes zero noise and doesn't become hot at all. Custom HiFi Cables' PSU improved on all the virtues of the RA PSU, but two things I particularly noticed almost instantly when I plugged the new PSU in - the soundstage has become wider and most importantly the bass became tighter. Before (with the RA PSU) the bass was noticeably "bloaty" compared to my other DAC, the Audio GD Reference 5. The build quality is amazing, and the output cables [an extra set were made to special order] are more practical than I ever imagined to be.
Peter (Slovenia)

I thought I would update you, I finally got the old internal regulators taken out of my Technics 1210 turntable and your new power connector put on, we hooked it up with your DC1 PSU and I was genuinely shocked by the difference, I would say a good 15% difference in the quality of the sound reproduction, it was as though the turntable had been 'unchained'. Very good separation in the sound, the music seemed to be more natural and uncluttered. The DC1 offboard power supply you have made is a success, wonderfully made, with a quality finish and 1/3 of the price others are charging for 1210 power supplies...Very happy!
I also tried the PSU on my DAC which I stream PC music files through; the difference was even greater here, a good 30% uplift in sound quality, I had actually thought of selling the DAC before I plugged it in to your PSU! Stunning results, sound is crisp and clear, the wallwart was strangling the music, but now with your DC1 PSU it has really come alive and the DAC is staying.

Shaid (UK)

Further Information
We have come up with our own in-house design for an extremely low noise power regulator circuit board, which has been met with rave reviews from our customers and beta testers. Our high-quality mains transformers are always specified far above the required power rating which ensures that they run well within their specified operating parameters, extending their lifespan and also meaning that they are much more capable of supplying large rushes of current when required, giving your music a much more open and expressive sound to it. This is all mounted inside an attractive aluminium case, with a power indicator LED fitted as standard - you can even choose the colour (red-orange, green or blue) at no extra cost!
We custom-build each power supply to suit your particular voltage and current requirements - this information is usually printed on your existing power supply on on the back of the equipment, or in the manual, but if in doubt ask us and we can find out for you. A list of just a small selection of the products that we can power is given at the bottom of this page.
The rear panel of the power supply has a high quality IEC inlet with integrated power switch and fuse holder, and also the output socket with a removable output power cord (length can be specified by user) included with the supply.
The end power connector is also selected to be compatible with your equipment - in most cases, this will be either a 2.1mm or a 2.5mm DC 'tube type' connector, but we can get just about any type that you may need. If you are unsure as to what you need then just ask!

Note that the DC1 can supply up to a maximum of 1A continuous, or peaks of 1.5A - this is an actual current rating, not to be confused with the current ratings given on cheap switch-mode PSUs that power low-current equipment. Your actual equipment probably draws less than 1A, but it might come supplied with a 3A power adaptor because that is what the manufacturer can get cheap from China that month. We have used DC1s to power equipment that came with 5A PSUs, so don't go by that figure on the standard PSU. Just contact us to see if your equipment is compatible, and we can advise which of our PSU range is the most suitable for your needs.
Compatible Equipment List
This list is not definitive, if your product is not on the list then just contact us and we will be able to tell you the type of supply you need (see the above note as well). The voltage and power ratings of the original PSU are given (actual current draw will be lower though), along with the internal hole diameter and length of the DC 'tube type' power connector (or a different type is noted if required)

Amptastic Mini-1 Class D amp       12-14.8VDC @ 1.5A, 2.1 x 9.5mm DC conn.
Antelope Zodiac Plus DAC            18VDC @ 560mA, 2.1 x 14mm DC conn.

Arcam rDAC                               6VDC @ 600mA, 2.1 x 14mm DC conn.
Arcam irDAC                              12VDC @ 1.5A, 2.5 x 9.5mm DC conn.
Beresford Caiman DAC                 15VDC @ 500mA, 1.3 x 9.5mm DC conn.
Beresford Caiman mk.2 DAC          15VDC @ 500mA, 2.1 x 9.5mm DC conn.
Beresford Caiman SEG DAC/pre     15VDC @ 500mA, 2.1 x 9.5mm DC conn.
Cambridge Audio DACmagic 100    12VDC @ 2A, 3.0mm x 9.5mm DC conn.
Cambridge Audio DACmagic Plus    12VDC @ 2A, 3.0mm x 9.5mm DC conn.
Cambridge Audio iD100                12VDC @ 1A, 3.0mm x 9.5mm DC conn.

LIV Wave Music Streamer            5VDC @ 1.5A, 2.5mm x 9.5mm DC conn.

Logitech Squeezebox v1              5VDC @ 1A, 2.5mm x 14mm DC conn.
Logitech Squeezebox v2              5VDC @ 1A, 2.5mm x 14mm DC conn.
Logitech Squeezebox v3              5VDC @ 1A, 2.5mm x 14mm DC conn.
Logitech Squeezebox Duet           9VDC @ 1A, 1.0mm x 9.5mm DC conn.
Logitech Squeezebox Touch         5VDC @ 2.5A, 2.5mm x 14mm DC conn.
M2 Tech Hiface Evo                    9VDC @ 2.5A, 2.1mm x 9.5mm DC conn.
M2 Tech Young DAC                   18VDC @ 2.5A, 2.1mm x 9.5mm DC conn.
Musical Fidelity V-DAC                12VDC @ 1A, 1.3mm x 9.5mm DC conn.
Musical Fidelity V-CAN                12VDC @ 1A, 1.3mm x 9.5mm DC conn.
Musical Fidelity V-LPS                 12VDC @ 1A, 1.3mm x 9.5mm DC conn.
Naim Audio (NAPSC)                   18VDC @ 1.5A, 2 pole locking ring conn. 
                                                          (pin 1 = +V, pin 2 = 0V) 
Onkyo ND-S1 iPod dock               5VDC @ 1A, 2.1mm x 9.5mm DC conn.
Temple Audio Bantam                  12VDC @ 1A, 2.1mm x 14mm DC conn.
Temple Audio Bantam Gold           15VDC @ 2A, 2.1mm x 14mm DC conn.
Temple Audio Monoblock              18VDC @ 3A, 2.1mm x 14mm DC conn.