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Naim Audio NAPSC equivalent Power Supply Unit with high quality linear regulator board
This is a competitively-priced PSU to replace the Naim Audio NAPSC, at a fraction of the price but with superior performance! We have improved the specification from our original NAPSC unit - the new unit now uses the same style of aluminium case as the DC1 PSU, with a simplified internal regulator arrangement. The DC1 PSU can also be used as a NAPSC PSU, with the added advantage of being a higher grade of regulator design (and this can be used with other audio equipment in the future if desired to bring an improvement in sound quality when used with certain devices).

- Black anodised aluminium case
- Fused and switched IEC inlet
- Fully linear voltage regulator
- Fixed 18VDC output to match Naim NAPSC
- Comes with specialised 2-pole locking connector to fit Naim Audio equipment
- Power LED can be added as an optional extra

Note - photo below shows a CHC-NAPSC with the optional LED fitted. The new style of case is now DC1-sized, which is 22cm long instead of the old 16cm long case shown.

We can also offer other PSUs as upgrades from standard Naim PSUs (including i-Supply, Flatcap, Hicap, XPS, 555PS and Supercap), please contact us with your requirements and we will be happy to help.