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AC1 Power Supply

Entry Level AC Voltage Power Supply Unit with simple mains filtering
The AC1 power supply is the entry level product in our AC PSU range, and is an excellent way to upgrade any piece of equipment that requires a low-voltage AC supply, such as the Cambridge Audio DACmagic or the 540P/640P phono stages, and several Musical Fidelity components. See the bottom of this page for examples of compatible equipment - the list is not exhaustive. The standard power supply shipped with equipment is almost always a cheap nasty black plastic box that either plugs into a mains socket and obscures adjacent sockets, or sits on the floor humming away to itself. They very rarely have features such as shielding, or a half-decent audio grade transformer, or any form of mains filtering or surge protection, which all adds up to mean that you are effectively strangling the performance of your equipment without realising it.
Custom HiFi Cables to the rescue! We have developed a low-noise AC power supply, which uses mains filtering and surge suppression components as well as additional design features to further suppress any interference. It runs completely silently, and stays cool, at all times. If you wish to upgrade to an even better specification of AC PSU, with a much larger transformer and a full Super Conditioner module built in for even greater performance, then take a look at our new AC2 PSU!
To power these units, we recommend the use of our PowerBlack IEC cable. The AC1 PSU is not supplied with an IEC power cable as standard - if desired, you can use a 'free' type (the sort that comes with various electrical equipment, most people seem to have several of these spare around their homes), or an upgraded cable from us for an enhanced listening experience.
This product comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with it (terms and conditions apply)


Customer Testimonials

I have ran the AC1 power supply for about 20 hours now and am very happy with the difference it has made to my listening experience.


The music is altogether more controlled, especially the more complex multi-instrument arrangements, with a marked increase in low level detail, widening and deepening of the soundstage, high frequency sounds are also sharper and cleaner.


I would recommend the AC1 power supply to every DACmagic owner, as it gives a far greater increase in performance than spending the same money or more on fancy interconnects or digital cable.


I hope to buy more of your products in the future, as I always try to buy quality British made hifi gear. All the best!


Jeremy (UK)

I've been using your DACMagic power supply with great pleasure for some time now but, since my kit is all tucked away in an AV cabinet and awkward to access, I've not been inspired to try an A-B comparison with the Cambridge Audio supplied wall wart just to reassure myself that it was money well spent. However, today I popped over to see a pal who also has the DACMagic and who has switched to the M***** alternative that many DACMagic users claim is much better sounding than the original, just to try some A-B comparisons for ourselves and check I hadn't wasted my hard-earned! in short, we both concluded I hadn't, the difference wasn't subtle. Soundstage gained in width, depth and even height, images became more solid and weighty, there was more bass, a smoother treble, more detail and a quieter background. In some cases when you play with power supplies and/or cables you gain on the swings but lose on the roundabouts - hifi attributes improve but the musicality disappears. Not in this case! We were tapping our feet and really enjoying the music. Now that I'm back home, I'm hearing those attributes in my own system and it is, again, entirely positive. Thanks!

Peter (UK)

Hi, just a quick email to say thanks so much for this AC1 PSU, it's really superb, I have been listening to it this weekend and it's 'The Business'! I think its brilliant - it seems to run cool, its silent (which is more than I can say for the R*** A****** one) its a good size (fits easily under my tv cabinet) good quality connection - superb!

Nick (UK)

A quick update on the recently purchased AC1 PSU which I am using with a Musical Fidelity X10D. Music is now more detailed and I would describe the sound as being unforced, the soundstage has improved both in width and depth, with vocals and instruments all sounding very lifelike and natural. Silences are now just that, silent. The X10D with it's original power supply had improved the sound of CD, however, the addition of your upgraded power supply has allowed it to perform at a much higher level. All in all a great product and a very worthwhile and cost effective upgrade to my system. Many thanks for your help and the best of luck with this and all your other products.


Bryan (N.Ireland)


The introduction of your AC1 PSU into my system brought about significant performance improvements from all of the inputs on my Furutech DAC (phono, line and USB digital) via its analogue output. I haven’t yet tried to “record” an LP to my computer using its USB digital output but I’m sure the audible benefits will be there also. I’m also very pleased that the PSU is well built, quiet and cool running and at a very reasonable price. It has been an all round success, and I would have no quibbles about buying further devices from you or recommending that my friends try them.


Fergus (UK)


I’m very happy with the AC1 PSU and PowerBlack IEC cable combo. What a difference a decent power source makes! I was impressed with the addition of the Speedbox II to the Pro-Ject turntable, where it took performance and the noise floor to a different level – now, with the addition of your AC1 PSU, it has stepped up performance to an even greater degree. I found because of the quieter background I could increase the volume, and couldn’t believe the clarity and the extra information now being heard. For the first time ever, I had the Bryston 4B ST protection lights glowing orange/red – momentarily – until I reduced the volume a little. So, I’ll have to watch that in future! Favourite albums, like Machine Head, Captain Fantastic and The Brown Dirt Cowboy never sounded so good! Even Nat King Cole sounded fabulous, although he always does. I hope your other customers are as happy as I am. I heartily recommend the addition of your PSUs. Well done, again!


Nick (AUS)


Further Information
Our high-quality transformers are always specified far above the required power rating which ensures that they run cool, extending their lifespan and also meaning that they are much more capable of supplying large rushes of current when required, giving your music a much more open and expressive sound to it. This is all mounted inside an attractive aluminium case, with an optional power indicator LED (several colours available as standard, with others available to special order).
We custom-build each power supply to suit your particular voltage and current requirements - this information is usually printed on your existing power supply on on the back of the equipment, or in the manual, but if in doubt ask us and we can find out for you. A list of just a small selection of the products that we can power is given at the bottom of this page.
The rear panel of the power supply has a high quality IEC inlet with integrated power switch and fuse holder, and also the output socket with a removable output power cord (length can be specified by user) included with the supply.
The end power connector is also selected to be compatible with your equipment - in most cases, this will be either a 2.1mm or a 2.5mm DC 'tube type' connector, but we can get just about any type that you may need, including the 3 pin DIN type as used by Musical Fidelity. If you are unsure as to what you need then just ask!
The case is supplied in natural aluminium, but can be ordered in matt black if desired to special order. Additionally, the colour of the power LED can also be specified (if fitted).

Compatible Equipment List
This list is not definitive, if your product is not on the list then just contact us and we will be able to tell you the type of supply you need. The voltage and power ratings are given, along with the internal hole diameter and length of the DC 'tube type' power connector (or a different type is noted if required)
Cambridge Audio DACmagic            12VAC @ 1.5A, 2.1mm x 9.5mm DC conn.
Cambridge Audio 540P / 640P         12VAC @ 0.5A, 2.1mm x 9.5mm DC conn. 
Furutech ADL GT-40 DAC               9VAC @ 500mA, 2.1mm x 14mm DC conn.
Musical Fidelity X-Can v2              12VAC @ 500mA, 2.1 x 9.5mm DC conn.
Musical Fidelity X-Can v3              12-0-12VAC @ 500mA, 3 pin DIN conn.
Musical Fidelity X-Can v8              12-0-12VAC @ 500mA, 3 pin DIN conn.
Musical Fidelity X-Can v8p             12-0-12VAC @ 500mA, 3 pin DIN conn.
Musical Fidelity X-LP                     12VAC @ 1.5A, 2.1mm x 9.5mm DC conn.
Musical Fidelity X-LPS                   12VAC @ 1.5A, 2.1mm x 9.5mm DC conn.
Musical Fidelity X-LPS v3               12-0-12VAC @ 500mA, 3 pin DIN conn.
Musical Fidelity X-LPS v8               12-0-12VAC @ 500mA, 3 pin DIN conn.
Musical Fidelity X-10D                   12VAC @ 500mA, 2.1 x 9.5mm DC conn.
Musical Fidelity X-10D v3               12-0-12VAC @ 500mA, 3 pin DIN conn.
Musical Fidelity X-DAC                   12VAC @ 500mA, 2.1 x 9.5mm DC conn.
Musical Fidelity X-DAC v3               12-0-12VAC @ 500mA, 3 pin DIN conn.
Musical Fidelity X-Pre
Musical Fidelity X-Tone
Project TubeBox SE II                  16VAC @ upto 2A, 2.1mm x 14mm DC conn.
Other Project equipment              please enquire...