Regular Shielded Hydra

UK Hydra plug to 4 Schurter IECs, made with Regular Shielded cable

The Regular Shielded Hydra is our entry-level multi-way mains cable system, which effectively replaces a 4-way extension socket and four regular mains cables. It also works out much cheaper, although the separate cables cannot be removed from the Hydra by the user once they are soldered into place. It also allows star earthing to be implemented, which is when all four Earth cores of the cables are connected together at one single point. This minimised the potential difference between all the Earth planes in your system, reducing noise and improving system performance. For a significantly better Hydra cable, check out our PowerBlack Hydra cable assembly. If you want all of these benefits plus complete shielding of the hard-wired connections and mounted in an attractive aluminium case, with optional upgrades such as a built-in Super Conditioner module, then look at our flagship product - the hard-wired PowerBlack Distribution Block.

This product comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with it (terms and conditions apply)

Customer Testimonials.

The cable came through this morning, thanks for the quick turnaround. As for the cable itself I am very impressed, there is an immediate effect on the sound quality. It has given a richer, warmer sound to my hifi, as well as cutting out the occasional interference I was getting. Thanks a lot, I will definitely consider buying from you in the future.


Josh (UK)


All up and running, and working beautifully; I have noticed a tightening up in the sound - a big positive improvement. Also, compliments on your workmanship. All the best, and thanks!


Andrew (AUS)


These cables are great, I can definitely appreciate a clearer and more detailed sound from the amp and squeezebox I am using them with. Cheers!


Dave (UK)


Very impressed after very short listening time. Clearer, and noise floor much improved.


Steve (UK)

Further Information

The default Hydra configuration is for four 1.0m long cables, however each cable can be made longer or shorter if required by the customer. The cable itself has a braid of fine steel filaments that acts as an electrical shield, which is advantageous in environments where intereference is present. The cable can be upgraded in several ways - as well as a choice of MK Toughplugs (brass or silver pins) and our silver-plated Blue IECs, we can also offer the fitting of ferrite cores for the suppression of high-frequency noise.

Additionally, Hydras can be made with only 2 or 3 outputs upon request. We can also fit a right-angled Schurter IEC (useful for where space is limited) our silver-plated Blue IEC or a silver-plated Figure-8 connector, or a different connector if required. Unfortunately, the Hydra is only available with a UK plug - it will work fine with a mains adaptor though, alternatively the 4-way version of our hard-wired PowerBlack Distribution Block can be fitted with any mains plug you may require.


      4 x 1.0m cables
        Longer cable:
        add £6 per metre
        (or £3 per 50cm)
        Ferrite core fitted:
        add £3 per core
        Blue IEC     
        (replaces brass                 
        Schurter female IEC):
        add £12 per connector
        Figure-8 (C7) connector:
        add £2 per connector
        Right-angled Schurter
        female IEC, brass:
        add £2 per connector
        Remove an     
        output cable:
        subtract £40 per