Regular Shielded Extension Socket

Transparent 13A UK mains plug to 4-way plastic-cased extension socket
This is our entry-level extension socket - the Regular Shielded Extension Socket cable uses a socket block with a tough plastic body, which offers excellent value for money. The standard option is for a 4-way socket, but we can also use 2 or 6 way sockets. We can also obtain different types of extension socket, to special order.

The cable can be upgraded in several ways - as well as a choice of MK Toughplugs (brass or silver pins, with the connections made up with silver solder), we can also offer the fitting of ferrite cores for the suppression of high-frequency noise. For a significantly better extension socket cable, check out our PowerBlack Extension Socket cable. Or if you want a superior product built within an attractive aluminium case, then check out our fully shielded and hard-wired PowerBlack Distribution Block - as well as being sonically superior, it also works out cheaper than buying an extension block and several mains cables!

This product comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with it (terms and conditions apply)

Customer Testimonials.

The cable came through this morning, thanks for the quick turnaround. As for the cable itself I am very impressed, there is an immediate effect on the sound quality. It has given a richer, warmer sound to my hifi, as well as cutting out the occasional interference I was getting. Thanks a lot, I will definitely consider buying from you in the future.


Josh (UK)


These cables are great, I can definitely appreciate a clearer and more detailed sound from the amp and squeezebox I am using them with. Cheers!


Dave (UK)


Very impressed after very short listening time. Clearer, and noise floor much improved.


Steve (UK)

Further Information
Regular Shielded Extension Socket cables are available in any length, with a wide choice of mains plugs - as well as our UK types, we can also fit mains plugs for Europe (Schuko type), Australia and the US, as well as male IEC connectors if you need an IEC-to-extension socket cable. In addition, we hold several silver-plated versions of these plug types in stock, so please ask if you have a specific request. We can also obtain different types of extension socket to special order, such as 4-way European 'Schuko' extension sockets, in either black or white, or IEC extension sockets.
        1.0m cable &          
       4-way socket
        Longer cable:
        add £6 per metre
        (or £3 per 50cm)
        2-way socket:
        subtract £6
        6-way socket:
        add £10
        4-way European     
        'Schuko' extension     
        add £10
        Silver-plated MK     
        add £12
        European 'Schuko' silver-                  plated plug:  
        add £12
        Australian plug:
        add £3
        European 'Schuko' plug:
        add £2
        US silver-plated plug:
        add £12
        Schurter Male IEC,         
        brass (replaces UK
        mains plug):
        add £2