Regular Shielded 3-pole Bulgin

Transparent 13A UK mains plug to 3-Pole Bulgin Connector

The 3-Pole Bulgin connector is commonly used on some vintage hi-fi equipment from manufacturers such as Leak and Quad. This obsolete connector has been shunned by commercial cable manufacturers - until now. We use an original Bulgin part to create a mains cable that allows you to enjoy your vintage equipment in a way you have never experienced before!

Please note that the Bulgin connector is 14mm in diameter, NOT the larger 22mm size. If you need this larger size, then the connectors are extremely difficult to find (as well as being significantly more expensive than their smaller versions), so please email us to advise availability.

The cable can be upgraded in several ways - as well as a choice of MK Toughplugs (brass or silver pins, with the connections made up with silver solder) and other mains plugs, we can also offer the fitting of ferrite cores for the suppression of high-frequency noise. For a significantly better cable, check out our PowerBlack 3-pole Bulgin cable.

This product comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with it (terms and conditions apply)

Customer Testimonials

The cables arrived very quickly, safe and sound. Thanks for a great service, they are great quality and very reasonably priced. I wish all businesses I dealt with were as professional as you are! Thanks again.

Steve (AUS)

Further Information

Our Regular Shielded 3-Pole Bulgin cable uses a high quality transparent mains plug. The cable itself has a braid of fine steel filaments that acts as an electrical shield, which is advantageous in  environments where interference is present.

Regular Shielded IEC cables are available in any length, with a wide choice of mains plugs - as well as our UK types, we can also fit mains plugs for Europe (Schuko type), Australia and the US, as well as male IEC connectors if you need an IEC-IEC cable. In addition, we hold several silver-plated versions of these plug types in stock, so please ask if you have a specific request.


       1.0m cable
        Longer cable:
        add £6 per metre
        (or £3 per 50cm)
        Ferrite core fitted:
        add £3
        Brass MK Toughplug:
        add £4
        Silver-plated MK
        add £14
        European 'Schuko'
        add £12
        Australian plug:
        add £3
        European 'Schuko' plug:
        add £2
        US silver-plated plug:
        add £12
        Schurter Male IEC, 
        brass (replaces         
        UK mains plug):
        add £3