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Regular Shielded Range

Regular Shielded Cable
The Regular Shielded range is our entry-level range of mains cable, it has three 2.5 sq. mm copper cores (which are significantly larger than the standard 1.0 or 1.5 sq.mm cores inside most other manufacturers cables) and a weave of steel filaments around its inner cores which acts as a shield to drastically decrease the amount of interference absorbed by the inner cores. This interference is an airborne wave of high frequency electromagnetic 'noise', also referred to as Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) or Electromagentic Interference (EMI). Like the PowerBlack, this cable is available in any length with a wide range of plugs to choose from. It is also available with only one plug fitted if you are fitting a captive cable, or cut by the metre in our DIY Parts section (note that all work involving mains voltages should be performed by a qualified electrician).
We silver solder every single connection in all of our cables. It takes a lot of time and effort on our part, and silver solder is expensive. Why do we do it? Because soldered joints are as close to electrically perfect as you can achieve, they’re not affected by oxidation like screw terminals are and they’re mechanically strong connections. Our cables might cost a bit more as a result, but they will sound as good as the day they were bought for the rest of their lives.
Mains Plug Options
We fit a transparent UK mains plug to our Regular Shielded cables as standard, but can also fit MK toughplugs (brass or silver plated), Schuko type European plugs, Australian plugs and US plugs, as well as male IEC connectors if you need an IEC-IEC cable. We can also fit multi-way Hydra mains plugs if you want multiple outputs from a single mains plug (UK plug only, 2 to 4 outputs). In addition, we hold several silver-plated versions of these plug types in stock, so please ask if you have a specific request.
End Plug Options
We can fit a large range of end plugs or extension sockets to either mains cable range - IEC connectors in brass or silver-plated versions, silver-plated C7 (figure-8) connectors, C19 'High Current' connectors, extension sockets in both plastic and metal-bodied versions (UK, Schuko and US types), 3-pole Bulgin connectors for use with vintage equipment (Leak, Quad etc), XLR-LNE connectors, and several others. We can also supply IEC-to-C5 'Clover Leaf' adaptors. Please ask if you have a specific requirement.