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PowerBlack Extension Socket

MK Toughplug to 4-way metal-cased extension socket, with ferrite core
The PowerBlack Extension Socket takes the excellent PowerBlack cable, with its matching ultrasonically cleaned and hand polished MK Toughplug and ferrite core, and adds on a high quality aluminium-bodied extension socket. The standard configuration is for a 4-way socket, but a 6-way socket can also be used - in fact, any number from 2 to 12 sockets can be used, so please ask for a quote to match your requirements.

If you want a superior product built within an attractive aluminium case, then check out our fully shielded and hard-wired PowerBlack Distribution Block - as well as being sonically superior, it also works out cheaper than buying an extension block and several mains cables

Further Information
Every PowerBlack cable has a double shield arrangement of a dense tinned copper braid and a dielectric layer in order to give excellent electrical shielding characteristics, and comes fitted with a ferrite core as standard in order to suppress any high-frequency interference that is already present in your mains supply. These ferrites are an extremely effective upgrade, and are also available for purchase separately in our DIY Parts section.
1.0m cable &
4-way socket
Longer cable:
add £30 per metre
(or £15 per 50cm)
6-way socket:
add £50
(2 to 20 way sockets available upon request, please ask for a quote)
Silver-plated MK Toughplug:
add £10
European 'Schuko' silver plated plug:  
add £10

US silver plated plug:
add £10

Australian silver plated plug:
add £10

Australian plug:
European 'Schuko' plug:
Schurter Male IEC, 
brass (replaces UK mains plug):