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DIY Parts

Upgrade Naim Audio Voltage Regulator Modules (Hicap type)

CHC-REG Hicap regulator modules: £130 each These are completed modules with heatsinks that are are a direct replacement for any Naim Hicap regulator module - they bolt into the Hicap case using the same mounting holes that the Naim modules use, so there's no extra holes to drill. Each one is supplied with mounting bolts and heatsink paste. Six wires need to be de-soldered from the existing Hicap board and re-soldered onto the new CHC board (these solder connections are in the exact same positions and layout as the Naim regulator boards, so it's easy to do), and then the output voltages can both be set to 24V by adjusting the two on-board potentiometers (this requires a simple multimeter and a small screwdriver, or ask and we can do this for you). A simple upgrade for people with basic soldering and DIY skills, yet a massive improvement in performance! See here for a photo of the module.

Mains Cable
Regular Shielded Cable, cut from reel (see below). Priced at £6 per metre. When installing the cable, the outer braid should be Earthed at the mains plug end and left disconnected at the equipment end. If in doubt, just ask us for advice!
A range of mains power connectors can be silver soldered to any cut cable purchased, at a cost of £15 per connector. Mains connectors are listed below. If you want something soldering that is not on the list then just ask and we can give you a customised quote, as we can sometimes stock too many plug types to easily keep an up-to-date list. As a general rule, we always have a good range of UK plugs and IEC connectors, and Australian/European/US mains plugs, the last two with or without silver plating, in varying numbers.
Mains Connectors
Male Schurter IEC connectors - perfect for fitting to captive cables on equipment so that you can use an upgraded IEC cable: £9 each
Ultrasonically cleaned and hand polished brass MK toughplugs: £9 each
Silver plated Blue IECs (see below): £15 each "A superb product. Better than Wattgate!" Stuart (UK)
Other Mains Accessories
Ferrite cores, for clipping onto cables of up to 11mm diameter (smaller cables will need a few turns of electrical tape to allow the ferrite to be clipped on securely): £3 each
Audio Connectors
Locking RCA phono plugs, gold plated; these plugs have single-piece bodies, with an outer sleeve that screws on. When fully screwed on, the outer sleeve clamps the ring part of the phono connector tight onto the phono socket, giving a much better connection. The outer sleeve should be loosened prior to attachment and removal of the plug to avoid damaging the socket or plug. Other manufacturers such as WBT make almost identical plugs to these, at far greater prices of course! £15 per pair