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Shielded OFC cable with Preh locking ring DIN plugs
The Grey interconnect range is our entry-level range, and is designed to give maximum performance at a minimum cost. We have used the same shielding technology as used on our flagship Blue range in the Grey cable system, and the benefits of this really shine through when you compare the cable to other similarly-priced commerical interconnects. The Grey cables sound extremely musical, with a sense of the same quiet 'black' background that characterises the Blue range of interconnects. These cables are an excellent choice for a first step along the upgrade path, or for connecting occasionally-used items to your main hi-fi.
Because the cable is very flexible and not too heavy, it is excellent for connecting iPods/MP3 players to your hi-fi, and can be easily concealed for long cable runs in domestic settings (e.g. connecting PCs/laptops to a hi-fi).
The standard plug type is the 5 pin 180 degree DIN plug; we can also fit 5 pin 240 degree or 4 pin DIN plugs. The price depends upon the number of pins that need connecting; for more than 3 connected pins, we use a second Grey cable in parallel to separate power and audio signals (these two cables are then separately shielded, further improving performance). This involves more work and more cable, hence the price increase. These cables are designed for use with Naim Audio equipment (we can also make Quad cables) - just contact us if you have any questions relating to their use.
This product comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with it (terms and conditions apply)

Customer Testimonials
I have changed my Atlas Equator MK II (which I think are a good cable as they are) with your cables. And I prefer your cables with my Naim CD & amp / Neat Motive 2 speakers. Because the “foot tapping” is there, and the sound with the Naim/Neat combination is more coherent, more punchy (bass, drums) with more musicality, and more realistic… your cables are more coherent with Naim's "philosophy". Sometimes the Neat Motive 2s used to slip into brightness, but not with your cables. Before, with my Atlas cables the sound was much too bright and "sweet" with the Naim/Neat. Now, I'm so happy with your cables. Thank you very much for everything.

Luc (Paris)

Further Information
The Grey cable is almost identical to that as used by Naim Audio on their standard interconnects - except for the fact that we use the shielding on our cable as a dedicated shield, with one of the internal cores used as the dedicated signal ground. This allows the outer braid to intercept any airborne interference before it can affect the delicate audio signals carried by the inner cores.
We normally use this cable to make up DIN cables for Naim Audio equipment, or Quad equipment. This includes cables to connect DIN equipment to RCA phono equipment, or stereo jack plugs for MP3 players and the like. However, we can use this cable to make just about any cable you might want - just ask us if you have a custom requirement.

Each Grey cable is shielded with a braid of copper filaments and also a polymer layer to give 100% coverage of the three inner OFC conductors (the inner conductors also carry a separate ground, which allows the braid to act as an effective RFI shield). This braid and polymer combination acts as an electrical shield, intercepting and removing any harmful radio-frequency interference (RFI) produced by all electrical equipment – especially your hi-fi components themselves! This is why a relatively short length of shielding has such a positive effect on the sound of your system, as the interconnect cables pass right by the transformers and power regulation circuitry in all of your components on your equipment rack. This allows our cables to carry an extremely pure and noise-free signal, which is an essential part of improving the sound of your setup. Compared to the standard Naim Audio interconnect, this is a definite improvement over their design of cable.


And as with the rest of our cables, we silver solder all the joints to ensure the best electrical connection is made.


Where applicable, the end of the cable that should be connected to the amplifier (or preamp) is tagged with a green band to indicate directionality.

        0.5m cable, Preh
        5 pin 180 DIN plugs
        Longer cable:
        add £10 per 50cm
        4 pin DIN cable
        (signal only):
        same price
        5 pin 240 degree DIN,
        (power only):
        same price
        4 pin DIN cable
        (signal and power):
        add £5
        5 pin 240 degree DIN     
        cable (signal and power):
        add £10
        Tape loop cable with 5
        pin 180 degree DINs:   
        add £20