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The Grey Range

The Grey range uses a multistrand OFC copper conductor, shielded by a fine braid of tinned copper filaments and covered with a grey PVC jacket. This cable is excellent for use with multi-way connectors such as 4 and 5 pin DIN plugs - in fact, the Grey cable is almost identical to that as used by Naim Audio on their standard interconnects - except for the fact that we use the shielding on our cable as a dedicated shield, with one of the internal cores used as the dedicated signal ground. This allows the outer braid to intercept any airborne interference before it can affect the delicate audio signals carried by the inner cores.
We normally use this cable to make up DIN cables for Naim Audio equipment, or Quad equipment. This includes cables to connect DIN equipment to RCA phono equipment, or stereo jack plugs for MP3 players and the like. However, we can use this cable to make just about any cable you might want - just ask us if you have a custom requirement.
Because the cable is very flexible and not too heavy, it is excellent for connecting iPods/MP3 players to your hi-fi, and can be easily concealed for long cable runs (e.g. for connecying PC/laptops to a hi-fi).